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Affiliate marketing for beginners step by step – Free Website Builders

Well hello and welcome to another episode of my 100 day to prosperity challenge journey thank you for joining me today my name is Timesha and we are we have been talking about affiliate marketing beginner tips that will help you start and create a successful affiliate marketing business and this is not just for affiliate marketers this is for digital marketers network marketers online marketers whatever you’re calling yourself these days these tips will help you be successful so in previous episodes we’ve talked about finding your niche we’ve talked about researching your niche we’ve talked about your target market and finding your target market and we also have been talking about your affiliate offers now we’ve been talking about the ways that you can put out your affiliate link that’s not spammy and will not get you banned from stuff a nice clean consistent way to put out your affiliate link and get drive traffic to it so we talked about previously how to build a funnel and the different funnels that you can use to build your your funnel whatever that may be for whatever your niche is and you’re trying to draw your ideal target market and of course you are free to do both of these things it’s not just synonymous to one or the other I honestly think you should do both funnels are great for beginners but what you want once you want to start building out your business you need to also create an online presence and so that is where the website comes in so today we’re going to talk about blogging websites and free ones at that or ones that start off free and we’re going to talk about four of those of those today so we’re going to scroll over or jump over into my actual laptop and actually talk about those four different free blogging sites that you can use to actually start blogging and get your content out there and you know to the public let them see what you got going on before you actually start doing something else or start paying for it and um these free ones I would say that you use you need to use them with some other type of marketing technique like maybe a YouTube channel like I’m doing or maybe so legs or some other type of ad space where you are actually directing people to your blog because it’s free and there’s tons of three things out there but you know the problem is getting people to actually see it when it’s free because you don’t get all of the tools and gadgets that you do when you pay for stuff so without further ado let’s make it happen all right so the first one we’re going to talk about today is we believe all right and Weebly comes with a free website they also have other tools that go along with it or other higher more higher websites that you can get you can get the pro or the business and that the free one gives you just as much well not just as much but it gives you a starting place to start your stuff and I like we believe because it’s more like a book it’s like clickfunnels or other funnel builders you can kind of click in place and you know put your stuff on there by just kind of clicking it and adding it as opposed to having to no code and all that other good jazz you kind of just click and place and that makes your process easy and they also have templates that you can choose from and you don’t get a total a whole lot of stuff for the free you get of course display ads you get 500 megabytes of storage you also get a sub domain from Weebly I don’t believe you can’t connect your own domain to the free one so you have to use their sub domain plus you get security features with it and you get search engine optimization and you get some support so that’s what you get with your free one it’s not a lot but like I said you can always drive traffic to it and the more that you build up your presence the better you get you can always switch to another platform and one thing about Weebly it’s a great way to get started but it does not lend itself to building big businesses so if your goal is to make your hustle your main job then Weebly might not be the best place to start out with but they do have free services if you’re just trying to test the waters so that’s Weebly the second one is blogger we’re going to talk about blogger and this is my blog or account it doesn’t even look that great right now cuz I don’t all I do just post my um all I do is just post my videos on it right now I’m not doing a whole lot of stuff to it but they have a whole lot of different templates templates and this is 100% free you can pick the designs you can add a new post you can create different pages and stuff one blogger the only thing is you cannot monetize this and I believe in the free site with Weebly you can’t monetize it either you can’t put ads or you know promote anything really on your blogger site so if you if that’s something you want to do you bloggers probably wouldn’t be the best place for you but if you just want to start putting blogs out you know see if what you have to say will get people interested or you have interesting what writing voice I guess I should say and you want to test that out and see if you know you can’t get legs on your business based on how you write or if you just want to start writing and you know get get some information out there and start driving people to that then blogger is a great way to do it after a while once you start getting traffic to your actual blog and please make it better than what my look like but after you actually get traffic to your actual blog then Google will actually put ads on your actual website on this blogger blog and you can get money that way but it’s not like an affiliate link it’s not like when people buy it you get a commission this way you get money if people click on the link but you only get a small percentage so you’re sharing it with Google so that’s how this works but you can’t get money off of it you just can’t personally do it yourself okay so that is blogger all right and the next one I want to talk about which I kind of like is tumblr and I also have a Tumblr account as well and basically you’re you’re creating kind of content but it’s kind of boxed in kind of this little box type thing and you can search for different things and when you sign up your tumblr you have to give them what you’re interested in so you have to actually put in your interest and then they kind of preload people that are doing things that are based off of your interests on your actual tumblr account and then after that you can post stuff yourself so they have my recommended based off of what I’ve said and also what I’ve posted as well because I’ve posted a lot of things to tumblr I have my own account and so they’re saying that all of these different accounts would also be something that I would be interested in and so recommended searches for me if I want to actually search for different things I can search in the search box up here which is cool I could also take whatever posts that I have or whatever posts that I’m reading on and I can take that information and repost it on my accounts or share it in another platform which is pretty good with tumblr and it’s absolutely free so they have some great great things here again you can’t really monetize this you can you can put out your affiliate link but it also is good to have concepts out there you don’t want to just keep spamming your link out there and thinking people they’re going to be interested and click on it you actually want to do the work you wanna you know put in some valuable content that people will actually be looking for that is in you know these kind of marketing online marketing work from home type avenues and you want to make sure that you’re putting out something that people will actually want will be interested in clicking and reading more about and once you do that then you can also you know take them to your YouTube and put in and whatever life that is so this is tumblr it’s a great resource kind of like Pinterest but it’s kind of it’s a blog alright so that is tumblr and last but not least is and what prescott work is absolutely free you just have to pay for hosting and so one thing I do like about WordPress is that once you have built out your account you can flip it over and create a bigger business or so you can change your platforms so even if you just need to start off small with your website right now as you get business as you grow traffic as you build content as you show your value and worth in the marketplace and your client base your subscriber base gets gets bigger then you can take your same account and put it on and then you of course you can pay for it but you also have a better opportunity of getting people to still come to your actual website because you have built a presence for free but she don’t have to redo it in the next platform it’s already pretty much done you might just need to make some more changes maybe upload some more things and more plugins but you’ve already done the legwork and you’ve done it for free so that’s why I like WordPress if you’re building something big this is probably the site that you need to start with okay so that is the for blogging sites that I wanted to talk to you today if I giving you any value if you enjoyed any of this content today please click the like button down below and please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon okay I’m giving fresh daily videos I want you to be in the know I want you to build a great sustainable affiliate marketing business in order for you to do so you got to stay tuned with me I mean of course you can find other people to do it of course but I’m sure that you are going to love what I give you because I love it because I’m enjoying doing these videos and taking action on it and it’s very important that you take action don’t just watch me on my journey you do the same thing okay also if you are loving the content but I’m going too fast and I’m not you know and you can’t write everything down I’ve got you in the description box under video credits and also in the other above that in the description box I have a free gift for you as a checklist that will lay down everything that I’m talking about as far as silly of marketing it would give you all the websites that I’m talking about plus the videos that’s attached to it so you can go back and review it and see how to do it on your own it’s a great free gift to help you out on your affiliate marketing journey and lastly if you want to know how I’m learning all this stuff where I’m getting the content and information from well you all you have to do is click the first link in my description box because I’m getting this all from my program my marketing program which is legendary marketer and it’s going to teach you everything you need to know about being an affiliate marketer you can learn and earn money with this program and I just thoroughly enjoy it everything that I’m getting I’m soaking in I make I’m putting in practice and I’m seeing a little bit of success

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