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Beginner Affiliate Marketing | 5 Lessons What I Wish I Knew When I Started

– Hey it’s LeahRae from and yes, affiliate marketing is a huge, huge, opportunity. It has truly changed our businesses and our lives. We’ve been able to create a seven-figure business and affiliate marketing is a very large portion of that income. We are a few years in now but there are several things that I wish we had known when we first got started. And I’m gonna lay out for you the five lessons that we learned along the way that we wished we knew at the beginning.

So that you can learn faster and create your own success. So make sure to subscribe for more videos to help you create income online and the time freedom that you deserve. Now, lesson number one, just having realistic expectations on what it’s gonna take and how fast things can happen. Honestly, we thought that it was going to grow much, much faster than it did. (chuckles) We came both from a corporate job, where we made really good money, each of us were six-figure earners in the corporate world. So we thought okay, we put our heads down, we get to work, we’ll be back up to six figures in six months. No! (laughs) Definitely did not work that way. We didn’t get out first sale for a couple of months after getting started and we were working hard during those couple months. It took us about six months to even get it to a consistent 500 dollars a month. Now we didn’t realize how long things were gonna take before it really took off for us. But we also didn’t realize how fast and how big it could really grow as we continued to work.

Todd retired from his six-figure job about 18 months after we started our online business. Then about 18 months after that, we hit our very first six-figure month. Nothing that we could have ever dreamed of in the corporate world. So just have realistic expectations. You’re going to have to work hard for quite a long time before you get the results that you want. But, if you do, you can create bigger results than you ever dreamed of. And honestly, much faster than you could have ever imagined. Think about a handful of professions that you could make six figures a month in. I mean if you were like a super crazy good surgeon, the number one in the world, think about the medical school, think about residency, think about all these things, your fellowship, the things that you had to do to get there, that probably took a decade or more to do! When you can just create an online business, work hard for a few years, and create that kind of income from home.

Anybody can do it if they have realistic expectations. And that leads right into rule number two, Understand delayed gratification. Understand that there is going to be a lot of work upfront, before you start making any money at all. Even before you start making good money. You’re going to have to consistently take action and continually work on your skillset. But doing so, working hard, building you skills, staying super consistent on income-producing activities, like creating content, it’s going to take you to income heights that you never dreamed of in the long run. In the short term, no. Go get a job if you need something fast. In the long run though, the return is bigger than you could have ever imagined. Number three is I wish that we had learned how to leverage our time a bit better at the beginning. So when we first started, we learned how to generate leads, we learned that I could call the leads, I got really good at calling leads, getting exposure to our offers, and then closing the sales all on phone calls.

It worked, and so what did we do? We just kept doing it. It worked, we were bringing in money, awesome, kept doing it. But here’s the thing, it wasn’t super scale-able. Like we could scale it to an extent, but I had my physical limitations on how many phone calls I could make a day. There was actually a period a few summers ago where we were trying to do some– I had a really big goal for our business and for about 20 days, I spent locked in my bedroom, calling leads 16-18 hours a day. Working the time zones so in the evening, as it was getting too late to call Pacific time here in the U.S., that’s when I would start on New Zealand and Australia. It was pure insanity. It was a strategy that we couldn’t scale big enough for our goals. So yes, it worked, I’m glad we did it, it was a good experience, but I wished we had transitioned sooner to a more scale-able sales process. Really learning how to create great sales funnels and processes that would take the sales part off of my shoulders.

So we would continue generating leads, but instead of getting on the phone with each and every one of them, to try to close a sale, we had a really streamlined sales process a sales funnel, that we walked them through. Giving them tons of value and then offering them a solution to their problems and that works great. It’s what we do til this day. And I haven’t picked up a phone call since that one crazy summer.

But doing that has enabled us to really scale up our business. We can generate an infinite number of leads and our systems and our processes are in place to handle that and to scale up the sales to match the number of leads that we’re getting. So, I wish we had figured that out sooner because I really think we could have grown quicker, we could have had bigger results faster if we had really understood that, and not just relied on my phone skills for so long.

It was about two years of phone calls; I’ve called tens of thousands of people on the phone guys. Yes, really good on the phone. But, I think our business could have grown faster if we had worked on more of those automated sales processes sooner in our business. Number four, rule number four is content is king. Never ever ever ever put it on the back burner. Continue to crank out your content even if ads are working really well for you. Because guess what? Ads can and will change on a dime and if you’re mostly or heavily relying on ads for your business, you can be left in a bind. And quite a pickle. (chuckles) Scrambling if you don’t have a massive, organic audience that you’ve been building alongside of your paid ads.

You should only ever layer ads on top of an organic content strategy. Now for content strategies, really the best ones for affiliate marketing today, Youtube is my favorite. Then probably blogging and podcasting. Those are all evergreen content strategies where you can begin getting traffic as people search for things. Getting your message in front of new people, and those pieces of content can continue to bring you leads and sales for years to come.

So we really like those evergreen strategies so that you’re building online assets and over time, you’re building like a huge monopoly if you will, if you’re thinking of real estate, of online assets. It will continue to serve you long-term. And finally, rule number five, this one’s kind of bittersweet. Or mostly bitter. (laughs) Not everyone is going to make it. Okay, and this is sad but true and I’m telling you this so that you’re the one that does make it.

Okay, I hope I hope I hope you are. Affiliate marketing is made up of a bunch of simple tasks. It’s really not complicated work. Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Most people really don’t have the gumption to stick to it. They don’t really understand delayed gratification and they don’t have realistic expectations. They don’t have what it takes to continually put in the work and to continue to improve their skills to create a solid income. Now in our business, we have always worked to teach people and to help them learn what was working for us. Help them to start doing it in their own businesses. Well unfortunately, we’ve spent a lot of our personal time and energy and probably got a bit too emotionally invested, in trying to help individuals create those results.

Only to have them never really put in the work that it requires or only doing that amount of work for a short time, and then giving up when they’re not seeing results right away. Now, I really don’t regret helping people, but, we could have spent time instead helping more people and not being so invested in the individuals. We could’ve spent more time creating great content that helped a lot of people, not just one person at a time. And we’d be providing more information to the people who are gonna make it.

The people who are committed to go out there and to make it happen. Who is gonna find the content, find the nuggets that they need to create this massive business. They’re go-getters, they’re gonna make it happen. Well I challenge you to be the person who is committed to make it happen! Affiliate marketing is a huge opportunity.

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