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Affiliate marketing for beginners step by step – Easy Website Builders

Well hello and welcome to another episode of my 100 days of prosperity challenge journey thank you for joining me today my name is Timesha I am so glad that you’re here and today we’re talking about affiliate marketing and we’re giving you tips on how to be successful in the affiliate marketing platform and if you do not know what affiliate marketing is it’s basically you promoting someone else’s products and getting paid for it which is awesome because you don’t have to house the product you don’t have to do the overhead for the product all you are doing is marketing and that is an awesome thing okay so if you have not been been following me on my journey and following me on this affiliate marketing tips quest I have discussed how to research your niche and find your niche I’ve talked about how to find if your niche is profitable we’ve been talking about your target market and how to research and find that I’ve also been talking about how to basically promote your affiliate link the two best ways to do it and well there’s actually three ways but these are the two ways that you can do it on an actual site so you can either go a funnel so build a funnel and we’ve talked about the four funnel builders that are one of the top four or you can actually do a website and of course you want to do both just starting out the funnel probably would be the easier choice because you don’t have to spend as much time effort and money in doing it but over time if you want to make this your business if you want to make affiliate marketing digital marketing online marketing network marketing whatever it is you you’re in if you want to make that your main job and quit your 9 to 5 then having an online presence a steady consistent online presence where a person can go to and find out more information about you it’s probably the best choice of action so building a website is going to be something that you want to look into long term okay so previously we talked about free blog sites where you can just get out there and get your name out there get your content out there you know get some feelers see you know if people actually dive and want to do you know I’m not dealing with you but yeah kind of they want to deal with you they want to do with your content they like you know what you’re putting out there and they like your writing voice okay I gave you some free ones in the last video this one I’m going to give you is they’re not free but they give you some tools and some tricks of the trade to help you be successful in affiliate marketing and they also some of them offer some cool things like either you can get your domain for free or they add video hosting meaning you can put videos on your actual website or other tools to help you be successful and help you optimize your websites so that they can be more successful granted they not they will not give you everything Oh some of them give you online stores to have to remember that so they they’re not going to give you everything but they give you a nice suite of things and I own my next video we’re going to talk about we’re gonna talk about things or websites that will give you the full-court press so that you can be successful and grow into your business but let’s get into you know these websites today they’re so good they’re still viable and they still will help you make money so let’s get started okay the first one we’re going to talk about is a site called medium okay and basically medium is a blog site you do have to well you don’t have to pay you can start your blog for free but if you want to become a member it’s like five dollars a month or fifty a year and what they do with that is if you are a writer that is on this site that people are gravitating to and that are really driving with and that really want people really want your content and are real and are really liking and connecting with you then you start getting some of this money so you they will split the money and you will start getting part of this money and that’s how you make money with your blog or medium so you keep putting up content you keep putting out bad valuable content you keep you know giving your client your target market exactly what they want on this actual platform they will pay you and give you money for your content which is a cool way to get started so this is medium okay the next one we’re gonna talk about is Wix and of course Wix has been out for a while you know people know about Wix and so we’re gonna talk about the different plans that you can get with Wix and the things that make them special now you also can have a business ecommerce website so you can have the full court press or Wix as well it’s just you won’t be able to build out into a point so after a certain point you won’t be able to build your business out anymore so if you are just getting started and you aren’t sure if this affiliate marketing thing is what you want to do which I assure you you can do and I assure you you want to think long term about this especially if you want to fire your boss you know Wix might not be the best platinum platform for you but if you’re just getting started just testing the waters Wix works perfectly fine so they give you different things in order to get unlimited bandwidth basically you can add as much media as you want to and it still comes out slow and it still uploads smooth so that works out well you get different options on storage and of course for me because I would probably put my vlogs on my website I would want as much storage as I possibly can you can connect your own domain to Wix which is awesome so you don’t have to use the whole Wix sub-domain thing and look like you’re you know an amateur you can have your own thing it tells you how many hours of video you can post which is going to be a little too small for me but if you’re just getting started of course again this will be great for you you don’t you want to remove the Wix ads so people are bogged down with you know watching Wix ads you get free domains for a week a year which is awesome and you also can add these apps which will help you you know stand out in your business especially the professional logo because you want something to set you apart from all the other affiliate marketers what you can build your brand using these actual apps so and you know stuff for social media and stuff like that and getting support Wix is a great great website and if you want to build out your business they also have the business and e-commerce website this is a little expensive but these allow you to create a store an online store so you can actually accept online payments and stuff of that nature and you know get traffic and find out what’s happening to your website and all that other good jazz so you know if that’s what you’re interested in and you’re willing to pay and you like the Wix platform then this is a good option for you alright and last but not least is webs okay and the web’s website offers a lot of different things as well for free not the free one but the starter package is the basic site which doesn’t offer you a lot but the limited pages is pretty good and you don’t have to worry about the webs branding and I believe you can start off for free with this website as well but you only get one gigabyte of storage and you get email email support if you want our support you have to get the higher packages and I’m trying to see what’s different about the other ones you get statistics when these these websites so you can find out you know basically what’s going on with your visitors what they’re doing so you get advanced statistics on their storage on this they offer you some store online store type of activities so you can put 20 items in your store and get paid for the items or so you can do like a drop shipping website so you can do a drop shipping website if you have less than 20 items all webs and that’s for the middle package which is $13 a month or you can put as many items as you want so this is kind of like rivals like Shopify or something like that and gives you some information and you can actually post to a store or create a store so if that is what you’re into if you want to add a little drop shipping to your affiliate marketing get a little cash that way you know we’re all into multiple income streams so you do you all right that’s awesome they also give you things so different designs and I don’t know if you can customize them but that’s also great thing and they give you a whole lot of email addresses which is cool so those are the kind of middle-of-the-road type websites that you can get into that will help you with your affiliate marketing business they’re not free they might be free to start but they they’re not free but they also offer different things to help you grow and help you in business but they don’t offer everything so you got to think and weigh your pros and cons what is your end goal here and basically start your business and build your business with the end in mind that’s what they teach us as teachers anyway teach your students with the end in mind and if you teach them at the end in mind and they will get the get the content that you want them to gets okay so I’m telling you the same think of your business with the end in mind what is it that you’re trying to accomplish and how you’re trying to get them or and how are you trying to get there okay and once you put that plan in place then you will be successful okay so you liked the content that I gave today if the information was good please give me the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel I’m giving daily videos I want you to be in the know and click the bell too so you know when I’m giving out new videos and you can be the first to know the best okay the best information I can give you at least all right so that’s good also if I am going too fast that you just need some type of hands-on thing where you can actually look at and check off and take action then please check out my free gift that’s below it’s in the video credits you can download it it is a checklist on all of the information that I’m giving from A to Z starting off with finding your niche all the way down it also gives you videos references so all of my videos also are links or hyperlinks and the actual checklist so you can also you know go back refresh your memory check it out and then as you do it check you know Martha check so that you know that you’ve done it so that you can stay organized and um take action and know what you need to do every day in your business.

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