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Affiliate marketing steps for beginners – Your affiliate program intro

Hello and welcome to another episode of my 100 days to prosperity challenge journey I’m so glad that you’re here with me today my name is Timesha i am an affiliate marketer that is a newbie but i’m learning a lot and i want to help you get started on your affiliate marketing journey actually i’m not a newbie anymore but I am still giving out good content and good information so that you can be successful in your online affiliate marketing business or your digital marketing business or your internet marketing business or your online marketing business or whatever business that you are on that deals with being online I’m your girl to help you get there okay so we have been talking about affiliate marketing beginner tips how to be successful online and we started off with your niche and so by this time you should have new niche you should have who you are trying to target your niche to what marketing platform that you’re targeting not marketing platform but the people that you are trying to actually target to give your niche or find solutions for in your niche okay so you should have that and you should have started to think about what kind of how you want to actually put your affiliate link out there but now is the very most important part because you want to make money you know you can’t just put content out there and have no offer so you have to find an offer now to actually put in front of your target market so that they can buy so you need to find a solution to whatever problem your target market has and that is the minds that you need to go into when you are finding your products in your solutions to the marketplace so now that you have that information we need to actually think about what type of product that we want to promote so first of all once you start doing your research on your product or your affiliate market or network or whatever you’re choosing to use you want to actually find products that are going to sell so you can do see that by either looking at Amazon best seller so you can look at Clickbank and look at the different things one there that actually will tell you like the gravity or the popularity of the product basically if it’s popular and it has a high gravity then chances are it’s making money online and you can promote and make money online too you also want to find out who the company is that you’re promoting you need to find out a little bit more about it is it a stable established company are they do they have testimonials about their products are they someone that you could say hey I would buy from them looking at their websites their capture pages all of the information that they’re giving you okay so if they’re giving you information about their products then and you feel okay or you feel like you would buy from them then nine times out of ten your ideal market your target market would buy from them as well not only do you need to think about that you also need to think about the difference that the different pricing schedule or how you will make money is by offering different types of ticketed items so you have your low ticket items which is usually from a hundred down lower so so a hundred dollars for the product or less than that so those are your low ticket items and generally your low ticket items are the ones that will help you cover the cost for advertising okay so if you are doing any paid advertising your low ticket items should cover what people are paying for them the Commission for them should cover what your advertising budget is okay then you have your mid ticket items which is like a hundred to two thousand dollars okay those are the ones that you know people just don’t have the money laying around to buy they have to think about it they might have to be sold a little bit more they might need more information on it or have to see it more often or see it in use in order for them to actually say yes I’m going to buy that item so you have to do a little bit not more but you have to promote it more you have to put it in your emails more you have to talk about the benefits more you have to show success with it more and then people will start buying with buying it what about mentors said that you have to put a product in front of a person with at least 5 to 12 times in order for them to buy now there are people that still will buy once you put it in front of them 12 times but if they see it at least 5 times people will generally say hey maybe this is a product that I need to purchase just by pure numbers ok so starting with your mid ticket items you want to be able to put it in front of people more than once then you need to start thinking about what you can promote that will that will successfully or integrate better with your low ticket item so whatever your low ticket item is you want to be able to bundle that with your mid ticket and your high ticket item so that you can create a seamless kind of funnel or you can bundle this whole thing remember when we talked about the Jay Abraham’s path to success in business you know if you can get them to give a higher transaction rate meaning that they are buying more of it so if you are promoting more of the same thing and they’re Pro and they’re wanting more of it then you can get money that way you also can get money by upping the price of the sale so you know going from a low ticket to a mid ticket to a high ticket item so when you are searching for the products that you want to promote needs to be thinking about all of these things first of all is the products worth buying is the company reputable enough will they give a whole lot of chargebacks meaning you know are is their product soso or does it have the income claims that they or the success right the success rate they claim that they have generally people charge back if they feel that it’s an impulse buy they feel like they don’t have all the information and they just buy it and they regret so you want to take that away from them you want to take the objections away and do the company offer a way to help you take the objections away so you want to think about that and think about does the company have you know high ticket low ticket mid ticket items or do they lend themselves to being bundled with other things to give you that multiple streams of income type feel because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket because you know affiliate programs companies they go up and they you know fail every day and you don’t want to put all your eggs into one company because you just never know if that company will last now there are some companies that have stand the less the test of time and they probably will be around for a while but there are companies that maybe in your niche that you might not have heard of so you want to make sure that you do your homework and find companies that actually will support your niche and actually be a solution for your ideal and target market okay so on the next videos what we’re going to do although I’m trying to make sure that I said everything I needed to say so in the next videos we’re going to actually talk about the difference affiliate marketing programs we’re going to talk about the major networks that you can work with we’ll also talk about how you can you know be an affiliate of an actual company like a store and how all that process works and then we’ll talk about if you are in the business opportunity there are some networks that are out there just for that opportunity so we’ll talk about that and go into more depth with that  I want you to be in the know I want you to learn your business and to be successful in your business that’s why I’m doing it so I want you to be successful just as much as I want to be successful so if you want someone like that encouraging you pushing you inspiring you every day so that you can be go out and you know fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals then make sure you stick around and subscribe to my channel because I’m doing that with you every day all right also if you need some type of checklist something to help you take action because I’m given a lot of information and you don’t have the time to write it all down then I have a checklist as a free gift just for hanging out with me and I appreciate your time so I give you a free checklist to help you take action know what you need to know and do it all right there’s no point and just in here watching me do it you go out and do it too okay and so you can be successful as well finally if you want to know what I’m doing to learn all this information to gain this massive knowledge so that I can go out and teach you and also build a successful business for myself you can click on the first link in my description box it has all the information you need I’m in the program called legendary a legendary marketer and it teaches you how to build a business from the ground up start to finish the stuff that you need to think about the things that I’m making you aware of and even more

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