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How to Make $5,000 Per Week With Clickbank for Free How to Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank 2019

And I’m gonna share I’m gonna share with you the formula tonight okay that I followed I’m not sure if it’s actually you know I don’t know if you’re gonna follow it okay I’m not sure if you’re gonna follow it if you do I think you’ll be great for you but it worked really really well for me I’ll share it with you okay and you do whatever whatever you want with it some of you guys some of you guys got SMS is right yes or if you got double that is that should not should you should only with you once because probably got double if you got double sorry about that not not we’re just testing out some ideas here I’m actually gonna tell you what we’re doing in just a minute from a marketing standpoint and and just just communication standpoint you know I’ll tell you guys some of the things that we’re doing it’ll be it’ll be an open you know leg back conversation here I got my whiteboard I’ve got my camera I’ve got you guys here in the room we’ve got almost 600 people here and then I don’t know how many people got off a um now YouTube we’re not distribute on Facebook right now but I want to talk to you about how do you sell how do you how do you how can you potentially make big money selling anything like anything I wanted to sell these markers if I wanted to sell a whiteboard if I wanted to sell an info product if I wanted to sell anything okay at all my products somebody else’s products a busy man a house a car a it doesn’t matter right how can I make big money doing anything okay or seven anything is that a good topic for tonight let me know if you guys if you guys dig that topic okay Marietta okay just got my nose okay great awesome so it’s working gay if someone’s working I’ll tell you guys what we’re doing with the with the SMS communications I’ll tell you probably towards the end of this anyway so look if you’re brand new here right so what we do is every Monday night we get together and the the idea the outcome here is simple I don’t want to it’s not really to sell you a new thing if you if you’re not at the 4% part of the 4% challenge there is a link below on this page you can check it out get into it and go through it it’s really phenomenal program probably gonna help you a lot right if you if you want to get your feet wet if you want to get you some on some stable grounds and just really do it right you know make it as an entrepreneur that is probably the best program that I for sure we have ever created and probably more powerful than I have ever seen out there right now anyways right so you can check it out it’s there but the main intention here of Monday nights these live streams is I want to share with you one idea I want to share with you what’s on my heart you know entrepreneur to entrepreneur and hopefully if you you know I don’t want to waste your time I don’t want to talk about stuff that’s not relevant it’s not going to help you I’ll share with you stuff that worked for me first and foremost I’m going to share with you stuff that that you know that I see worked for other people that followed it and hey if you’re here no cost it’s you know take a look at it and see if he’s gonna work for you if you can apply it in your business or whatever it is you’re doing if you get a value from it you know all you all I’m asking you to do is you know put it to the use right ponder on these ideas and if you like this content just help us you know spread the word and share the click you know share buttons or whatever on this page if you’d like I’d appreciate it thank you so much we’re entrepreneurs we want to build you know we want to build things and so you know we’re you know we’re selling anything that we’re selling how do we sell it better okay alright so for those you guys who are new here by the way you guys will see some of the things we’re gonna be implementing on four percent comm slash life this particular channel this particular platform will grow into the vision is to grow into a YouTube like not not like YouTube because YouTube obviously is you know nobody’s gonna compete with YouTube but we’re gonna want to have us like a center we want to build like a channel like like a one central place to where we can do things like this like live streams we can put together and you know we can put archives of previous live streams we can have some of our you know top students and and you know top leaders they’ll be able to have their own channels on it and just create value right so like a value channel specifically for entrepreneurs you can go to youtube Inc YouTube and you can YouTube all these kind of stuff and you can get lost in that world and there’s a lot of you know like 96% of everything that you’re consuming 96 percent of the information that we get bombarded with on a regular basis is just garbage right it’s it’s bad you know sugars is bad food for you it’s bad fats bad carbs is bad stuff is gonna make you a beast as an entrepreneur if you take too much stuff in if you start eating a lot of stuff right I don’t care who you are you you know you’ll see the effects as entrepreneurs I really truly honestly believe that people are not succeeding a big reason for that is because they’re consuming way too much information right they’re pulling information from this guy from this guy from this Channel News and you know all these people are trying to teach us and you’re getting information overload your head is about you feel like your head is about to explode right and you’re like oh my goodness how do i implement all this stuff and so what we need to do is we need to simplify it right I’ve been you know I’ve been saying this over again I’m gonna say it again people are not failing because of lacking information they’re failing because they’re lacking direction right and so what I hopefully you know can do for you today here is you know give you a little bit of a of a clarity into the direction piece right okay so check a look at some comments here oh my goodness look at this 637 people so some of the things I kind of went on a little rant there for a moment but those guys that follow this 4% alive again it’s every Monday night right the same time you can work bookmark this you know make it on your calendar but some of the things that you guys will see we’re gonna be implementing on this channel it’s gonna be really really cool I really think that we can we can do some things that will you know a provides you like 10x the amount of value that we’re doing right now even right it will be a place for you to come in to learn for free okay like free content and it’s not just gonna be a free content for you to be like well you know so soul type content right it’s gonna be premium level content designed to focus on the quality stuff not just throw information at you just for the sake of throwing information you will value your time a lot but at the same time some of the things we’re going to be implementing the way of communicating with you just giving you guys heads up I really truly believe that we can grow to where we can have live streams with like 3,000 people to 5,000 people live here with us every Monday night probably over the next I’d say probably 3045 days okay and so if you’re an entrepreneur right if you’re if you’re you know strategic thinker you might want to follow and just kind of observe a lot of the things that we’re going to be doing because it’s one thing for me to teach you which I’m doing right I’m going to teach you here something tonight I’m gonna give you the formula very very basic I’m gonna you know simplify it down to the ridiculous but you as an SS Mart entrepreneur and I always encourage people to watch what other successful entrepreneurs are doing right listen and watch and see if you know if there is congruence right a lot of people a lot of people talk but but they’re you know they’re doing different things right what I try to do is I like I teach you like what I’m doing right I’m in the trenches I’m teaching you what I’m doing and so if you can connect the two and then you can take it observe what we’re doing here what I’m teaching you what I’m doing and you look at it and you’re like okay how can i layer this strategy on top of my business over here that I’m doing and whatever it is that you’re doing right I think you will really you’ll seriously have a really like legitimate shot at taking your business to the next level okay so that’s kind of the game plan all right down to the ridiculous my friends yeah Omar that’s good man okay all right check it out so I taught this before right and and then we tend to you know as we grow with Think Progress a lot of times we tend to kind of forget the basics fundamentals and we tend to get sidetracked with all these tools and fancy things that are not relevant right the new apps and this and new strategies whatever the case I’m gonna break it down for you down to the ridiculous how many you guys have a business okay how many you guys have a business okay if you’re an affiliate marketer if you’re promoting somebody else’s product you have a business right if I have a book I have a business if I’m selling a computer I have a business if I’m selling a phone I have a business if I’m a car dealer I have a business if I sell houses I’m a business if I am a an insurance agent right I have a business right pretty simple so what we have is we’ve got a business that we want to grow cunny doesn’t matter what it is okay oh this thing that people have here that where they make money this is where you make money okay by the way this is where you make money that’s where your money comes from okay that’s where you that this business right here funds your bank accounts okay this funds your bank accounts by the way I want to share with you guys a little tip when it comes to is that okay if I if I if I share this with you maybe I’m not okay anyway so I have a four percent and the business I have four percent and a business so Simon if you if you’re promoting owner for 10 years okay do you guys want me how many guys would be interested in because one of the things that we’re gonna do here is you know a little bit later one in four percent if you remember the four percent obviously we’re gonna be bringing a lot of a lot of content on like management like money management and stuff like that and we’re gonna have our CPA coming in talking about taxes and how do you do all that stuff we’re gonna have trainings on like crypto stuff we’re gonna have a lot of look at expanded financial division of the four percent here is a thing that might help you okay and then we’re gonna come to the to the former this little side note consider it as a little bonus here for you okay if you have a if you have money coming in here is the perfect when I when I practice this idea it’s awesome man every time when I didn’t practice this idea right your your stuff go crazy right so so when it comes to like managing your income that you have coming in from your business I’m gonna give you a formula that I’ve learned many many years ago and every single time when I follow that man it’s it works ridiculously awesome okay it’s really really simple okay can you see this here right so here’s the thing you have money coming in okay there I’ll give you like a you know a 30-second crash course on on money management right you have money coming in what you do is you go to your bank account and you create several accounts right this is your money receiving account okay operating up rate in your account okay that’s what you operate that’s where money’s coming in so if you have whatever my new coming in you have coming in from your business have all that money go into one business account okay that’s in your bank in the same Bank what you do is you open up a few more accounts okay you have another account call it account account team or whatever right a county is what this is your text this is your taxes you gotta pay those taxes man all right I learned the hard way I’ll tell you that okay you gotta pay your taxes so you know whatever whatever country you are you know 35% or 40% okay you guys living in like California probably have to dedicate like 60% of those know that money to this account so immediately for every deposit you have coming in for every check you have you have deposited to this account BAM 35% immediately just transferred to that account it doesn’t exist right simple so then you have another account okay and in this account you have maybe you have account and this is really really important because I’m telling you from my personal experience okay telling you from personal experience you gotta have an account see anybody can tell me what account c stands for okay okay I don’t see anybody anybody tell me what this stands for anybody know some of you guys are Canada 13% that’s awesome in okay save 10% Simon right what’swhat’s account see anybody can tell me what account see is alright I want I want I want to see if I can get a comment that’s that’s a promotion no promotion has nothing to do with account see this is this is actually a C account see I’m telling you guys from my experience this is this is a setup that can that can set you up okay big-time commissions nope cash flow nope nope ah you got it who said it Kelly Kelly Kelly camp I see your comic charity that’s right charity account telling you guys okay sent 10% that’s it I’ve been I’ve been like I’m telling you I’ve practiced this and there were times when I didn’t practice this and I can tell you as day and night difference this stuff works I don’t know how I don’t know why but it works okay if I get a if I get a hundred bucks in ten bucks go there you know 35 bucks go there okay and then you have another account here right you have a count s and this is your or account W account wealth right and then you can throw another 10% here into this account okay this is your savings this is your wealth growth account this is your you know this your investment account right so if you have this model so you have one two three four four camps that’s it right every check that comes in whether it’s a dollar whether it’s a hundred bucks where there’s a thousand or a hundred thousand or a million okay you break it down like this immediately and this will okay this will this will help you okay this will really help it is easy easy easy you know money management kind of structure but I’m telling you you’ll have you’ll be operating with the laws of you know of wealth okay and then you’ll be able to save now here’s a problem okay a lot of people are looking at this structure and they’ll be like well dude I don’t have enough money okay so you want anywhere you want to how many how many guys here are like into crypto stuff right so there’s an idea here about you know crypto right crypto being the next big biggest thing and Bitcoin and all these different coins and mining and all this stuff and everybody’s getting excited out of their minds hopeful for the future let’s go like declare a comma say like oh you know a revolution on this fiat currency and all that stuff all that stuff guess what it sounds awesome in theory doesn’t it right and just create everything is changing and all this stuff right check this out here’s a reality how you gonna buy some of that crypto if you don’t have some of this money coming in in quantities big enough for you to be able to fund that right and here’s the thing this account right should have enough money coming in for you to where you can write you can just from this 10% maybe 20% for you depends right depends on what your operating costs are but I’m telling you at the very very minimum there should be your structure at the very very anymore okay now the thing is is this this is your business this is your goose okay you gotta feed the goose right I’m gonna show you how you feed the goose how you grow the goose the bigger the goose the bigger this accounts right here the more freedom the more control you have right everybody agree okay all right now check this out okay if you take your money here’s a problem where I see a lot of people okay if they if people take their operating money okay there are there out contributing to charity they’re not contributing to taxes right there are creating business suicide okay not not a good idea but if you operate if you taken this money that you should reinvest okay you should have plenty of money saved here okay left over to feed your goose okay but if people take this money and instead of feeding their goose they are being hopeful and going into dumping that money over here in crypto thinking that that’s gonna be their ticket out now what if it’s not what if I bought Bitcoin here at $20,000 and now Bitcoin is at 10 maybe I’m saying now I’m not nobody here’s a reality nobody knows what this will do nobody knows it’s smart for us to prepare it’s smart for us to be smart strategic thinkers but not small-minded enough or naive enough to sell our house and dump and parent you into into this deal right here because you don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow okay Paul just told me they’re coming up with fat coin nobody knows but what if I can control this right here which I’m gonna show you how do you do that in a minute right to where I can have money over here so that I can do you know maybe maybe I you know maybe I have a hundred K here okay and what I do is I just drop I don’t know I drop 30 K here okay maybe another 30 K I don’t know man what else you want to do right investments real estate so what you can do is you can have your portfolio here okay or maybe or maybe that money might be too you know maybe start up another company that have in mind or maybe some some other thing that or maybe start another goose okay so at the end of the day it’s like there’s a different type of a different conversation or we can be talking about it for a long long long time okay but that’s like you know super super basic set up now the big question here is is is this alright how do we do how do we feed this business ready okay how do we grow this business so that the more everybody agree right the more money they can make here everything it gives me control like I have I have more freedom and the more freedom I have the more control I have them open the more things I can do right the more if I have money here the more people I can help maybe it’s your relatives maybe it’s your church maybe it’s whoever what you know whatever you want to do okay like being able to to take care of your loved ones when they need it it’s kind of nice thing right so so it is in my it’s my responsibility you guys watching me here right it is everybody’s responsibility okay all mark says what about the other 45% it’s right here man this what you this is your operating costs this is your advertisement money this is your paying your rent right pain your your web-hosting bill all that stuff and you should have enough money you should do your figure out how much you have coming in okay and and most people are you know most people create their lifestyles based on you know based on what they have well I you know I have out of Nome and I’ve got like 2,000 bucks coming in or five or five thousand bucks coming in a month so my lifestyle is gonna match that okay well I’m gonna I’m gonna challenge you to think a little bit differently I’m going to challenge you to decide right reverse engineer this concept like how much money do you want to have here how much money do you want to have here and here going into these accounts on a monthly basis plus how much money do you need to run your business and then reverse engineer your campaign so that you have this money coming in okay into this account that get that gross amount right on a monthly basis so it’s reverse engineering so if I want to save you know 5k a month every single month alright that’s 10% okay so I need 50 to go here right so I need to have 50 here and if I want to say a save a thousand I need to have 10,000 coming into this account you see I’m saying and so that you decide what kind of lifestyle you want and then you reverse engineer from there and create your campaign to make it happen does that make sense everybody okay so this is I mean this is like I want a sec say no to Uncle Sam Alex Z man good to see you bro you gotta say yes to Uncle Sam because if you say no to Uncle Sam Uncle Sam Sam’s gonna smack your butt man and I can Uncle Sam I’m telling you man when when he smacks you you better you better you better be ready you know what I’m telling you like entrepreneurs you guys we are not like I’m not telling you this because I’m somebody’s there’s this guru and a high horse that never made any mistakes dude I’ve made I did not understand this right and and as entrepreneurs we have money coming in and then we don’t manage it right and whatever the case is and everything gets commingled here and you don’t know what is what and you create a mess and before you know it you have more money coming out than you have coming in and you’re upside down and you never have any savings you never contribute to charities which this ask anybody who’s wealthy like I’m not probably not a hundred percent of them but I’m telling you like at least 95 percent of them will they’re practicing this activity like it’s their religion all right because again I don’t know every time I practiced it it works every time I didn’t this pipe gets narrower okay I’m just saying and then and then this way you will never have to worry about that Uncle Sam because you have okay anyway so how do we grow this okay so most people think okay if I have this offer I’ve got a business rewrite whatever that business is which the mistake number one people think you know when they when they look at these businesses they think this is my business and that’s mistake number one biggest mistake this is not your business okay this is not your business wherever your money is coming from is not your business okay I can prove it to you because if you are if you are promoting somebody else’s offer do you have control that no right if you were like if you’re selling real estate do you have control of that no you don’t you don’t know what the economy is gonna do right you don’t like that’s not your business if you are a car salesman and you’re selling for Mercedes are you guaranteed a job no right James who’s you know video we just played at the beginning of this by the way shout out to James you’re awesome man you know he you know he he found this this great job or this great work and then you know and then he woke up one morning he’s like dude I don’t enjoy it man like it’s not your business so so what’s your business well most people so mistake number one is people think this is their business whatever they’re doing right mistake number two is people think okay how do you grow this so if I have an offer how do I grow this offer how do I make more money how to make more sales and immediately what most people think is this they’ll say you know what I gotta send traffic to that offer right the more traffic I sent to this offer the more money I make and that’s mistake number two that’s not how you grow your offer that’s not more throwing more traffic to this thing it’s not gonna you know it might work temporarily but it’s may it might be like a band date at the at best all right so does the Bitcoin investment come from the 10% savings absolutely Larry yes Bitcoin investment should come from this account because you’re not messing up you’re not messing up with any of your operating you know decided you know you’re not you’re not messing up with this with operating side of your account right it’s if you don’t if you don’t have enough money coming into this account you should not invest uh-huh you should fit you should do everything in your power to grow your income your top-line okay this is your top line so that you have enough to invest but if you invest from here you’ll go upside down you’ll go backwards you’ll be broke right really quick that should not be your focus your focus you the top line how do I grow this how do I make and then what you grow this is what what precedes money what precedes money sales right sales please if I don’t have sales I don’t have money if I don’t if I’m not selling my product I don’t have the money so I’ve got to figure out how do I sell the product right idea comes before that okay so all right so the more traffic I send to my business okay it’s not completely correct because there is one missing piece here okay if you’re promoting anything your structure should look like this very very simple you guys okay this missing piece here it’s called your capture mechanism okay your capture mechanism this is where you should capture okay and build your list and community okay this right here in your business okay this right here is your business if you master this traffic you capture that traffic what’s what’s this will capture consist of a few different things okay so I’m gonna talk a little bit about this piece right here because that’s important okay traffic generation is is easy okay getting traffic is really really really easy we have a course coming out called Internet traffic mastery and it’s absolutely phenomenal it’s the mother of all traffic generation courses for any entrepreneur internet marketer affiliate marketer or network marketer you know pizza place owner any anybody who wants to learn how to advertise modern with modern strategies for traffic gen I’m not talking about placing ads on Facebook I’m talking about understanding the language of traffic which which thing number one right here this is the number one okay you need to master okay because this is part of your business a lot of people focus so much on this and they think this is their business it’s not okay you can replace this you can plug any anything in here but if you don’t master step number three number one okay component number one and then if you don’t master how do you capture that traffic okay and what do you do with it to grow your community and grow your right if I’m selling markers here I wanna I want to grow a community of people okay that or a list of people that are that are like you know we can talk about markers we can talk about you know you know like there’s there there are there are companies that sell for example the Mont Blanc for example right the Mont Blanc you know they have pans that sell for 600 bucks a thousand bucks 2,000 bucks and so forth right so they have created a culture of people that are interested in that kind of stuff okay it dude it’s a pen like it doesn’t even write that well I’ve got one for myself you know awhile back and I’m like why do people pay 400 bucks for this thing Wow Wow but it’s ridiculous okay like like this pen this this $pen here writes better than the $1,200 one Blanc sometimes okay so what I’m saying is and it doesn’t matter you gotta find you gotta rally your people around your idea around whatever whatever you promote right so if Maya if if this business right here is that if I’m selling pen if I’m selling pens guess what how I pre frame my traffic and how I capture my traffic I’m gonna talk about capture page here a little bit right so so understand what my people are looking for here all right I want to go over here and when I go and target these people okay this is called advertisement okay and and these are like if you guys want to learn traffic generation okay we have Internet traffic mastery coming out like I said but before that you know to celebrate that product we said we’re gonna put out a precursor training called mass traffic blueprint okay it’s a you know so ready to be you know to be released we are just doing one piece of additional communication structure that we’re setting up before we release it because I want to make sure that you know we don’t leave any anything we don’t leave any holes in it you know in the funnel which I’m gonna show you and I will I’ll share with you some ideas that we’re doing or implementing within that funnel so if you’re an entrepreneur it might be beneficial for you okay and you see so that’s the only hold back on that one right now you can get your you know yourself on a waiting list for mass traffic blueprint which is coming out for free we left the button still on this page if you’re on four percent that come slash live you can get yourself another one a waiting list if you’re not already and then we’ll drop it so you will learn all about this piece right here you will master it and if you don’t commit to mastering traffic you should not be in business in marketing period like you should not be a marketer because marketers understand traffic and if you think I can outsource traffic that’s mistake number three that you will make okay it could be fatal for your business because you don’t outsource something until you mastered it okay there are some things that you can outsource for example accounting can i outsource accounting yeah I don’t want it I don’t want to go to school to become an accountant however when it comes to breathing can you KITT can i outsource breathing for myself okay this vague body right here can i outsource breathing to Paul heck no can’t okay your your your business right here you guys this is a this is a living breathing organism okay don’t look at visitors again the problem in the in the industry is a lot of people commingle a bunch of things just like a lot of people commingle these things right and now they go upside down a lot of people commingle ideas or cliche sayings right that that we hear out there on the internet and it messes them up okay one thing that you cannot one thing that you cannot outsource is marketing never ever ever ever outsourced marketing to anybody until you have enough money coming in and you understand how you got there so then you can you can then outsource it to somebody else if you want to but even at that time I would still not out I do not outsource my marketing to anybody nobody does my marketing I do my marketing right I could outsource marketing I could be like I do run my campaigns on pay-per-click and this and that run my media by campaign I don’t do that because I would be foolish to do that right it’s just like outsourcing your traffic is the lifeblood of your business is it oxygen for your business for your lungs if I don’t have if I outsource breathe into somebody else and that somebody else says you know what no oxygen for you today I die right if you don’t have traffic good traffic pre-frame traffic people that are pre interested understanding with the ads and everything pretty interested for this thing but not never ever ever directly selling this thing right and you understand where to get them over here and you have mastered it that that’s step number one and growing a fat goose over here that can get you all this stuff taking care as I make sense everybody okay so how do you do this ha ha ha you can do CPR I don’t want to see PR man okay I don’t want to see PR okay how many you guys have committed to put you to master in traffic you should everybody here if you’re watching this you should commit to mastering traffic that’s why we created Internet traffic mastery okay it teaches you the language of traffic teachers are the thinking not click this button to get traffic it does that too but if I can teach you the language of of traffic and you can communicate freely in the world and get around you understand what they’re saying you underst and how like your eyes open up right due to traffic you need to because people that do they’ll crush you if you don’t master if you just dabble in traffic if you like well I’ll get to it when I can because right now I’m kind of struggling with my with my stuff so I’m gonna go and buy myself a pair of shoes for a hundred bucks over here or two hundred bucks I’m gonna go and eat out and pay 50 100 200 bucks down you know for dinner and then before you know it you know you’re you know over the next month you wasting a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars and stuff that’s not helping you grow your goose you see what I’m saying like you’re not being smart right so so instead of maybe going out to eat I feel you know a few times a week or a month right maybe instead of buying your new pair of shoes or a purse lady’s right and spending a couple hundred bucks on a purse that you probably don’t need okay or maybe a t-shirt that you don’t need whatever else like stupid stuff that we don’t need a lot right now what if I channel that in like a how do I grow this because until you have enough money in your savings account that you can goof around with right and and and you don’t have to mess up or you know or kinda you know dip into any of the other accounts you’ve got to have this structure in place this is the ability for your business okay now the cool thing about what we did here in 4% and especially if your promotional a promotional partner here with us right is we talked about the idea of having multiple streams of income okay so this is your 4% channel or 4% platform that you’re building your business on but you can get paid from 4% you know marketplace products from different tools and you know different Association from different companies we have Ulta all that time and the structure the flow should always be the same is like this okay so obviously the more money you have coming in the more stability you have in your business okay make sense everybody okay so check this out I think I’ve harped enough about mastering traffic yeah so mastering traffic is really important capture mechanism is what you do with the traffic okay so when the traffic comes in okay understand a few things and ultimately my business if I want to control my okay here’s the thing okay when I’ll give you the I’ll give you the thing that really helped me break through okay the thing that really helped me break through okay is understanding I’m just looking at your comments here okay is understanding how do you how do you stand how do you make more sales okay the reason that I said mistake number one is people think that this is their business and it’s not because the first company I started out with it folded right and I and I you know never never really you know understood it until a little bit later I was doing the traffic to the company deal like everybody else is doing it didn’t work right and then my mentor said you know what you got to stand out so this piece right here makes you stand out now whatever product I’m promoting I was just gonna keep it simple whatever product I’m promoting here okay so what I can do is I got a capture I got to create myself a custom rapper to where I sent traffic to a place to where I build my list okay this right here the capture mechanism it has to have three components and a very very basic level you guys okay I’ll bring it down super basic it’s gotta have three components here okay your capture your capture mechanism has to have three components component number one okay it’s gotta have a hook okay a hook what’s a hook a hook is something that when this guy okay when you fish for him over here with your advertisement when this guy sees your landing page she comes here a hook is your headline right a headline that catches his attention hooks him okay just like fishing man right just like fishing what if you if you’re going for best any of any of any anybody likes fishing here my dad he loved fishing man and what he would go for like northern pike you know you have a certain bait for certain fish okay on a very basic level that’s really what you’re doing in business you fishing for your customers right don’t don’t get it twisted now don’t be like well because you’re comparing people to fish okay but it’s a good easy-to-understand metaphor because it’s like it’s like fishing right so if I want to if I if you want to go for you know for a certain fish with a certain caliber right you gotta understand what hook what bait they’ll bite on okay so some people will not save you have a product that’s cheap product if you sell cheap pants right cheap cheap stuff Walmart style okay an affluent personality who is you know into like Mont Blanc sand stuff like that doesn’t they could care less about it right so if you buy if you’re selling a $1,200 pan okay then your hook is a certain hook right so you know you attract now we’ll talk a little bit more about that so let’s component number one component number two okay if you gotta have a reason why they should opt in here which is in our terms in internet marketing it’s called lead magnet okay I forgot who pioneered this term or Hagana who introduced that particular term it’s it’s you know it’s something that you give away in you know in exchange of people opt in it okay and then component number three is called to action okay now this formula can actually be applicable you can apply this to any capture mechanism like for example if you want to grow your you know your Instagram okay or Facebook or YouTube it doesn’t like whatever it’s the thing that you want to grow okay figure out what’s your hook what’s your lead magnet what’s your CTA okay I have watched some some some people some you know you know big influencers how I watch a lot of people right and when you watch people you can you can figure out what they’re doing right because it’s easy once you understand this once you know the formula you like alright this guy’s doing this and you know it’s easy to tell you know like everybody probably seen this guy Tyler was right ty Lopez is a like everywhere in social media so how he grows his social media is he follows the same thing a hook hey I’m giving away a car right leave Madden’s a car you can win a car call to action follow me on snapchat follow me on insta comment like blah blah blah whatever the call to action right not really selling anything but he is outcome whatever your outcome is for him that outcome is to grow his followers base on whatever platform right does that make sense you guys really simple to understand right now the rocket science okay so if I am trying to get people onto a livestream like this like I’m doing what I what I do right is I is an email jus okay and I hook is you’re in the email is your subject line if I don’t get you if I don’t hook you with the subject line an email same thing goes with you right you will never see the lead magnet okay what’s the lead magnet for what I’m doing right now well the lead magnet is the actual training topic okay how do you make big money selling anything right which is what I’m showing you applying this formula now call to action my outcome here is to is to deliver good will okay to to fill up my good will bank account right because look if I here if I help you if I tell you the things that work and you apply this in your business and you actually go out there and you get result okay I’ll be 100% transparent with you here is my ROI you will probably follow more of my stuff you’ll probably show up on more of these live streams you probably become a you know a loyal follower and you know maybe one day you’ll want to join our programs or do more business with us or at the very very least right go out there get result and then send us a testimonial say hey you guys awesome I apply this thing you know that’s my ROI okay I say no sign so figure out whatever it is that you’re doing all right Gary Robert says hey no Vic will look for your emails I appreciate that man okay but but again as entrepreneurs right our entrepreneurs we’ve got to understand this concept because when you do grow with your goose is really really easy right so my goose right now like here this is the invisible okay this the what do you call it the intangible right the intangible like the value that I’m providing to you right now following this model okay I grew Mike you know and again man this is like a concept within a concept that I’m trying to explain to you but hopefully you’re getting me right let’s say if I wanted to promote throw me a product right let’s say if I wanted to promote you know I’ll tell you an example right so you know a traffic master I have a product launch coming up called Internet traffic mastery the product okay we’ll be selling publicly for the first time we’re opening up to the public we have an internal kind of test group you know of students about five or six hundred students or so on that product and the reviews we’re getting is absolutely for not like it’s like the best thing in traffic right training now we’re beefing that course up we’re making it super stealthy okay we’re adding a lot more meat to it right we’re making it like a ten thousand dollar like real value course right there’s no competition no comparison to it and we’ll be selling it publicly okay it will sell like hotcakes now here’s what I do about marketing that product okay I’ll peel back some of the you know some of the take you behind the curtain and and tell you how creating this particular structure of this particular funnel that is a product that’s gonna sell is gonna pay money to our promotional partners if your promotional partner with the four percent I don’t know I can’t make predictions man but but you know if I would guess a lot of people probably make a lot of money promoting that product let me tell you why there’s a high demand which is rule number one when you when you when you look for your goose make sure that there is high demand for whatever that it is that you’re doing if you sell a course on how to make your rooster saying while standing on one foot who’s gonna buy that I don’t know man maybe there’s two two or three people that might want to do that but you see I’m saying right so you want to go for business you want to identify a goose in a market that is big the bigger the market the bigger the demand and then make sure your product that you deliver is quality okay you marry quality with big demand BAM good things happen okay hotcakes without the butter all right no it’s gonna be great okay so so now stay with me guys I wanna explain to you so Internet traffic mastery okay will be the product all right now tell let me tell you this okay so I can be if I created that product right which I did and I did not have any like I just wanted to sell it myself right I can put it up like on whatever card draw or quick funnels or create my own program my own funnel for it whatever the case is I never ever ever even if it’s my own product I never sell a product directly never okay never I’ll give you a perfect example take a company quick funnels okay click funnels is a company that went from zero concept Russell went up against like you know Infusionsoft and all these giants leadpages that got funded like millions and millions and millions of dollars he started out bootstrapped right but if you were to sell that product directly driving people directly to that sales page traffic to the sales page it would not convert okay it would not convert so what Russell needed to do is he needed to create this to sell that okay now if I go out there and if I want to sell quick funnel look for played me like I don’t even know man like well over 200,000 maybe maybe 250 in commissions right just on my like personal affiliate account and and I did not spend a single dime promoting clickfunnels directly I did not spend a single dime on promoting on getting traffic to click funnels okay I did it indirectly okay indirectly so click funnels right now they’re growing not because people are sending traffic directly there even Russell Brunson never markets click funnels directly he marks it through the three events through collaborations through this right here hook lead magnet he sells a product and gives click funnels away as a bonus there’s marketing strategy on sign so so smart entrepreneurs figure this model out and they follow the model because this is the the model for wealth generation this is the model that’s gonna get you the goose to be fat and that’s that’s one thing that you want as one of the things that you want to be fed right is your fat goose right you to to give you you know a lot of a lot of stability financially here so that you can have options right you wanna do crypto you wanna invest you want to buy homes you wanna buy car whatever it is you want to do but you have stability a lot of people go upside down because they don’t do that the right way okay so check it out if I’m gonna sell Internet traffic mastery okay here’s what I do okay I first of all I identify okay what’s gonna be my capture mechanism before I even set go to traffic okay my capture mechanism is going to be okay so this is a traffic product sells traffic you know training alright so how I’m gonna sell that product right how I’m gonna sell that product so okay so what’s gonna be my hook okay what’s gonna be my hook I’m going for white bass I’m gonna fishing for white bass okay what’s gonna be my hook see I’m saying what’s my hook for Internet traffic mastery who where I’m gonna fish where my pawns where’s my lake what ocean am I going to write so I might go you know I might go here alright I might go to this pond I might go to this pond okay you guys can see it right so identify where my fish is swimming okay that would be what’s my hook okay now I throw the hook to these guys so okay who do I want to buy who would benefit who would like okay would be a good candidate for Internet traffic mastery for this product all right so it would be people that are internet marketers it will be people that are network marketers it would be people that are consultants authors speakers right agency owners who else small business owners it would be people that are even even even even retail right store owners because they these guys need more traffic they need more net but I insurance agents right these guys are buying over overpriced leads big-time real estate agents still putting up banners all over the place in their town right who cares about that like nobody looks at banners anymore so really if I can sell if I can teach real estate agent how to go fish for his deal to get more listings right Mar with doing modern-day strategies will he benefit of course right let’s see who else ecommerce right ecommerce ecommerce people will benefit from Internet traffic mastery wouldn’t they right because if you have a store whether it’s you know eBay listing whether it’s Amazon listing whether it’s drop shipping whether it’s my own custom branded store I need to get more exposure to that store ecommerce is a big booming business so those guys would benefit from Internet traffic master who else would benefit from internet traffic master oh my goodness crypto these guys are all over the place right these guys are trying to build their crypto businesses would they benefit from traffic right you said I’m saying Justin do you see what I’m saying here right okay so I identify people okay people that would benefit from this product because this product is neutral what I mean by neutral is detached like it it helps all those categories okay do what they need and want which is expansion it teaches them how to how to attract more people to their to their business that they’re doing right so it doesn’t distract it helps them right so what I do is I create a hook what’s my hook well that would be the headline on my landing page okay so what if I had a headline like for example you know learn how to dominate learn how to learn how to 10x your sales over the next 30 days okay now that headline may work with with some ponds not others okay so if I if I go to a wreath or if I go to a realtor right and if I say learn how to you know learn how to triple your listings or people interested in you know how to get floods of people calling you you know ready to lose their house over the next thirty to sixty days okay he would be really really interesting because if I can help him how how to get more exposure instead of just putting up a banner in his local town that he lives in you know that’s got I don’t know two thousand people or twenty thousand people or two hundred thousand people well what if you go and you strategically write you use the modern-day traffic generation strategies and ideas how to attract people now what if you could what if you could expand if you let’s say if you’re an agency insurance right which I have a little bit of background insurance so I kind of understand how those guys work you know there is a there’s an agency and there is agency manager that might have you know maybe he’s into regional agency man that you know and so forth so what if I can help identify a guy who’s got people in different parts of the country and now we can expand right lead generation for them so that his guys get more leads and so therefore the entire agency benefits because more leads equals more sales more sales equals more money and they’re winning with their stress you know with their setup and I can help them win right so if I’m talking to an affiliate marketer well affiliate with your affiliate marketer somebody who is thinking this is a thin you guys okay most affiliate marketers they think that the more traffic I get to my thing the more money I’ll make okay so guess what I’m gonna do I will I will okay maybe I should not even tell you this because this is like it’s like stuff that when you when you understand this don’t want I don’t want people to get it wrong okay Greg what’s up man okay do you guys want me to tell you like one of the one of the one of the secrets in marketing let me see haha miles ascend bandit signs huh okay okay you guys check this out here’s one of the biggest secrets I’ll tell you the marketing okay you attract people so so so that bait okay for a lack of a better word right your hook okay you go and identify what these people want your hook should be based on what they want and then you deliver to them what they need okay spill the beans I just I just gave you like a million dollar idea okay I’ll give you an example for example I told you the wrong model the wrong model is I’m an affiliate marketer I think the more traffic I sent to my thing the more money I’ll make it’s not a hundred percent right might maybe maybe there is 20 percent truth to it okay maybe I’ll get a little bit of a of a boost okay but maybe not so people think that so I got a go with the flow okay hear me out my hook will be hey learn how to learn how to get a hundred dollar know how to get twenty fifty or even a hundred thousand visitors in a single day to any website you want and multiply your sales okay that might be a hook okay so he found now that would work with affiliate markers because that’s what they think you see I’m saying that’s what they think so so it will hook him and what they think they need right now if I am to you found really to help people I’ve got a I’ve got a you know I’ve got to deliver my lead magnet is going to be you know it’s gonna be a training on how they can do that okay so through my lead magnet which in this case my lead magnet is what my lead magnet is mass traffic blueprint I just gave you I just pulled back the curtain I’ll be the probably one of the most transparent guys you know okay mass traffic blueprint is the magnet for Internet traffic mastery I give that away for free a lead magnet will change the way they think about traffic forever it will actually help that person increase and get better and get and take their business if they actually follow the lead magnet it will help them multiply the results right there for free okay so what happens here is I hope them right based on what they need lead magnet will show them that how to get traffic but it will show them the bigger picture and we will give them the full you know the full pie now here is the reality some people will get it will go change their lives some people will look at that and they’ll feel satisfied for the moment but they will not do anything with it and so they’ll go back to where they were my job in this role is to tell people deliver the good stuff okay I can lead the horse to water I cannot make him drink it’s not make sense so so what happens here is this my call to action okay what we’ll do is ultimately through lead met with my call to action is going to be to get people to ascend to mastery level now I know that not everybody’s gonna send to mastery level and that’s okay hi this is important you guys okay the lead magnet should not be something that would make people feel bitter about you because if I’m delivering this model okay what’s my outcome here okay I don’t want to win a battle and lose the war all right metaphorically speaking I don’t like I I don’t I don’t want to burn I don’t want to I don’t want to burn my people here to where they feel like all you know I don’t want to let him down right I want to help him because regardless if they buy this thing from me or not what I’m doing is through this capture mechanism right I’m what I’m building a list okay and a community all right you see I’m saying here your money because this is your business this is not your business here ITM is a great product it’s it’s the best traffic product in existence I can guarantee you that okay now check it out okay because I understand that this is my business people that think that this is their business what they’re doing is they’re just hammer Hammer hammer Hammer hammer sent 50,000 emails a day until they buy or until they die right you guys heard that before from some of the so-called gurus out there you got an email 50 times a day man send them email after email hammer man pick up the phone hammer the phone right you guys hear that hammer the phone hammer the list I don’t want to do that man I don’t want to do that why would I do that why would I burn oh you know why would I why would I beat my business because this is this this my business right here right I would I got a cultivate these people are like gold man like I want to like you guys are watching me look I want to serve you I want to help you get what you want because guess what if I help you get what you want I will have what I want you will buy my stuff you will feel great about it because it will help you get what you want and in the end because you bind this stuff because the way I deliver it because how I serve you if I do my job right if I deliver value to you if you really connect and and my stuff actually helps you get what you want guess what you buy that I’ll have this handled through that whatever it is that you want to get handled for you you get which is exactly said look if you help enough people get what they want you’ll have what you want that’s business you guys see you’re saying that is business man okay and it’s okay and it’s nothing wrong with that you should not be ashamed of it if you deliver good stuff but understand people that think this is my business I’m just gonna hammer it with traffic whether it’s through email and beat this thing up you’re gonna have a beat-up horse man you’re gonna have a beat up like business that’s just gonna be like you know beat up man anything that’s beat up is not good-looking you know if you have a beat-up car it’s not good-looking right if you smell that car you know in the this side and that side you keep on smell you don’t repair it you don’t like any it’s not good man right okay so check it out so I want I want to make sure that I understand where my real business is which is this I got a master traffic I got a master conversions and I master conversions by understanding these three components here okay if there are gonna be a percentage of people that will buy this great it’s no big that’s awesome okay what’s even more important is that is that my lead magnet here delivers value to these guys that will win them over with value

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