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✍🏻How To Make Money From A Blog Affiliate Marketing

How to make money logging by creating best of lists or top-ten lists and including products for sale that you can earn affiliate income by promoting you have to look at yourself as a publisher this is where it gets good with making money by being a blogger so here’s an example I’m going to show you what I’m doing right now and I got inspired to show it to you guys so one of my relationships that I have for affiliate marketing is with Wayfair now the reason I started that relationship was because I actually liked wayfair products so I have a Wayfair standing desk and wayfair corner bookshelf unit and so I went on to and you can find that here by typing in ShareASale into google and I set up an affiliate I joined as an affiliate partner and then I applied for the program and was accepted now you won’t be accepted all the time for your affiliate relationships what they want to see is that one you have a website generally two that you have some traffic on your website and three that your brand is in alignment with their brand so I happen to have a real estate website I also have a training website for small businesses and it these products are in line with my website so I was able to get approved for wait there now you will find sometimes you can go directly to you can go directly to the service provider that you want sometimes you’ll have to go through an affiliate network it just depends and what some vendors are on more than one affiliate network okay so anyway I got my relationship set up with wayfair nd here’s what it now if I go into my share a sale account I’m I open my wayfair data feed my product data feed okay so here’s wayfair I’m in share sale here with my datafeed products I can type in here what it is that I’m looking for all right so if I’m just wanting to see all of their standup desks I can actually search here for stand-up desk now I can even download a CSV file and I can import all these products into my website like into a WooCommerce platform or if I’m working with something like Shopify so now what I did is I didn’t want to write this blog post myself okay because basically although I am a writer I don’t write like informational Wikipedia types of articles I write more passion pieces and trainings right so I wanted a writer to go out there and look up all of these different standup desks and tell me what they offer and what kind of features they have that type of thing okay so after what I did is I went to my writer and I will include a link in this video for you to check out crowd content writers and I have videos on how to hire them the my links in my videos are affiliate links and I do benefit if you wind up making a purchase I benefit want you to do is I want you to give me the top ten selling standup desks at wayfair okay so they did that for me so I got this back in plain text form it looks like this this is how it comes to me plaintext form and then I go on to my blog and I add it now Gutenberg makes this so easy WordPress is new editor Gutenberg makes it stupid easy I was able to copy/paste the whole thing at one time and then I’m just making what I want to be large or heading tags and I’m adding like colors and things like that alright so we had our plain text now let me go down to the next spot where I’m at so I can show you what I do I’ve already done all these ok here we go so I need this one airlift height adjustable standing desk now remember our I told the writer already to make sure that they use wave fare desks so I have access to these desks I’m gonna go here copy this airlift height adjustable standing desk and I’m gonna go over here to my wave fare feed there’s lots of choices on how to grab your what you want your code to look like so first we can grab just text see how it has a link if we’re doing just a text list maybe right or we can grab thumbnail image links like if you want one that has all the text you grab that one I’m gonna grab a large image link and I don’t want it with all that text because we already described so much of this in the article I’m gonna just gonna grab this one here that’s got the price to copy alright and then what I do here is I’m using WordPress Gutenberg so depends on what you use for me is a super easy to enter but you want to access the HTML code now if Gutenberg all I have to do is go down here to content blocks hit plus and I’m gonna go to HTML grab me a block paste it in there boom done that’s simple by the way if you need a wordpress website talk to me I own a marketing company called ballen barands you can find that and we build WordPress websites with Guttenberg and we also help with integrating they’re tools that you might be interested in using such as analytics or WooCommerce real estate widgets for the people that are building real estate websites so there’s lots that we can help this we also do blog content like this we do pay per click marketing ok so you see what I did there I added this stand-up desk now what I like to do is I go down here I like to break up any any chunky text I want it to be easy on the eyes okay I want my list to rank well in the search engines I want it to be a quality experience for my visitors so then right before I get to the next product I’m just gonna hit enter add and I’m gonna do a divider and I like to have a divider in between and then if I want to break this up even more I can do colors okay you see how this works super easy now I’m gonna click preview let’s take a look at what I’ve done so far and then we’ll wrap this up and this will give you an idea of what a blog would look like very very pretty be easy on the eyes nice and smooth quality pictures guys this is so rank worthy oh my goodness this this is a blogging rank on Google this is a blog customers like notice up at the top I included a video and I included a call-to-action button this is something you’ll see me do on all of my blog posts now if I wanted to pin this now I go onto Pinterest I now have 10 desks that I can click Save and now I can go pin these on Pinterest and that’ll give me like 10 pins right I can also create one awesome pin which I’m gonna do right at the top using canva I’m gonna put a pin right up here that says like the top like top 10 stand stand-up desks or great choice of standup desks or this week’s choice you know whatever and it’s gonna look nice and it’s gonna be a pin so this is one way that you can make money by blogging with your niche website and affiliates opportunities I’m Lori ballen and I earn six figures as an affiliate marketer I’m just an affiliate marketing results are not typical everybody’s results are going to be your own depending on so many factors

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