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Affiliate marketing steps for beginners – Your affiliate network

Well how did and welcome to another episode of my 100 day to prosperity challenge journey I’m so glad that you’re here me today my name is Timesha and welcome to to my affiliate marketing Network channel it’s Rodeo Sunday here at these parts of Houston and that’s why I got on behalf and on my rodeo gear and I am ready so anyway thank you for joining me today we’ve been talking about affiliate marketing and so we’re gonna continue with the trend and I hope at this point you have taken the research to heart you have already found your niche you have already researched who your ideal target market is and so now it’s time to find the offer okay it’s time to put all of your planning and your thought process to use and find who would it or find what it is that you want to be selling now remember you want to find a low ticket offer which is something less than a hundred dollars mid ticket offer which is between one hundred and two thousand dollars and a high ticket offer okay which is over two thousand dollars so we’re good I’m gonna show you some of or two of the major affiliate networks that you can use to start finding your offers and a good thing to do is to find things that kind of correlate with each other so you can bundle them when you do your funnels or on your website so let’s get started alright so the first one we’re going to talk about today is called offer vaults and offer vote is not as well-known as the other one is that we’re going to talk about today but they do pretty well and so basically what you can do is you can put in any search term here I had weight loss at the time then I pulled this up but you can put anything in here ever your niche is something should pull up and that you can also filter by the network if you know what network you want to work with and it’s always good to do your research to find out what networks you actually are gonna pay and you know who has the best offers and you know who is going to give you your money because at the end of the day that’s what you are promoting their stuff for so you can get paid right so there’s no sense in promoting a company’s product that’s not going to pay you so you want to make sure that whoever you’re working with has good standing in the affiliate marketing community and so you’re gonna have to do a little research my research won’t hurt it’s better to know what you’re getting into now and then be glad at the other end and choose differently than to you know not do your research and then end up with piss-poor company that’s not going to pay you that doesn’t treat your clients and the customers that should subscribers that you’re driving to their company right and then you end up with a bad reputation and your business is all jacked up so you know an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure okay so here we go so you also do it by category as I said before and they even have adult stuff and like stuff like gambling and some NF coupons so um if you will whatever your niche is whatever you’re interested in they have something for you on offer vault so you can just pick your category and see what’s in there I’m kind of interested in the coupons one right now because I kind of pulled up someone click that and it has 211 results and I’ma click my country I’m in the US so that’s kind of what I’m interested in but you can be you can search it I mean all of these countries on here I mean there’s a lot of countries even countries I’ve never heard of so whatever your interests whatever country you want to market to it has it in this drop-down menu and I think I passed you notice a subject okay so now I’m down to 87 offers and so generally they have also like a sponsored list at the top you want to scroll down past the sponsor list I guess because I filtered it well enough I don’t have a spot well yes I do I have this free diapers that’s as far as their listing but aside from that I what is a good idea you can use these coupons as a kind of a bait or something like your low ticket offer to get people cooked in especially if they’re interested in some of this stuff and it’s something that is attributed to your niche so like they have like health insurance and outdoor stuff I mean there’s a lot of different coupons that you can do like healthy snack box subscription they don’t pay out a lot I mean they wouldn’t because it’s coupons but this would be a good low ticket offer something that people don’t really have to think about they just do and they’ll just pay for and if you put it in front of the right people you know they’ll don’t jump on it and these are the companies that actually are hosting these actual coupon vouchers or coupons subscriptions or whatever it is that these coupons are for so this is a good good company offer vault does not do a lot of research on the companies themselves so what you need to do is make sure that whoever you’re with I can’t stress this enough make sure you do your research make sure you do your research you are in business for yourself nobody’s gonna give you or make you do anything but if you want to make sure that you stay in business long term make sure you do your research you do not want to be in business with a company that cannot provide a good product it cannot back up what they offer and do not do payouts the way they say they will so make sure that you do your research offer vault does not guarantee that they’re companies so make sure that you take the extra mile or go the extra mile with that okay and the next one I mean everybody’s heard of Clickbank so here’s the Clickbank marketplace and they have their categories too over here on the left all of the things that you could possibly get into and then they also have subcategories in each category so if you want to go into fashion you can do that if that’s your niche they have some products on that and so they don’t have a ton of products it’s like two pages so like 20 different products but you want to make sure that whatever it is that you are getting into other people are selling remember competition is not a problem with affiliate marketing matter of fact it’s a good thing if people are making money off of it that means you can make money off of it too you just have to make sure that you are talking to your ideal clients and you’re going where they’re hanging out and you’re you know putting yourself out there where they are and they will wherever to gravitate to you so you want to make sure that this one Clickbank it actually does have some type of um a bit nut basis but it has like some type of way to filter whether the company is good or not on there and the gravity tells you the average number of affiliates that are actually making money off of that product so if you go 6 or higher and let’s see okay maybe I just click enter okay so this not might not be a great niche for you because no six people or higher have not made money in the fashion niche off of the fashion products in Clickbank so that might not be a good place to go and get your products from but I know that’s health and fitness is a great one so if I do a gravity of six or over then I still have a hundred and ninety eight products okay so I still have a lot of products that I can look at and if I base it off of populated popularity I know flat belly fix is a good option and if I click on this link it’ll take me to their website and basically what you’re trying to look for is does this make you want to buy it is this interesting enough in it let me go back to Clickbank real quick so it has two hundred and seven people affiliate marketers that have made money off of this so that’s a great thing the initial sale is twenty-seven dollars and you get seventy eight percent of that which is not a huge enough I mean you know thirty seven dollars isn’t a lot of money but seventy eight percent is a good Commission off of it remember you want to get at least fifty to sixty percent commission so you get seventy eight which isn’t bad um there is a rebill it looks like thirty nine cents I don’t know if that means that there’s a subscription to it but rebill means that basically you’re going to get there’s upsells to it and there’s or a subscription-based thing where people can pay more money for the product so you also get paid an extra amount of money on top of the initial sale so it’s not just you get money for the sale you also get money for anything else that they purchase on the sale whether it’s an upsell or whether it’s some type of subscription you get a part of commission of the subscription which is also great for your pockets because you’re continuing to build up your money so this would kind of be was not conduct this is a low ticket offer because 78% of thirty-seven dollars is still not over a hundred dollars so that would be a low ticket offer and you can just go through and see what you would find is interesting and if you want to find maybe a high ticket offer let’s see maybe something that’s over $100 you may need to just play with the there’s nothing over $100 first for the sale maybe 50 okay so there are some that the initial cell is over $50 and this one the rebuild meaning that you can earn Commission’s off of an upsell this one is like $300 so this organifi I’ve heard about this and when I was kind of when I was working in the health and wellness niche this one I was very interested in but you actually have to sign up for it meaning that they have to approve your application and if you don’t have a strong presence on the internet already they will deny you so I didn’t like that because they never answered me back so I soon they denied to me but there are other things on here that you can go through and find out and figure out what will actually work for you and so that basically is click Bank let me see so you want to find a gravity that six are higher meaning at least six affiliates are making money off of that product you want to find products to kind of go together and if you can’t find products that are kind of go together that’s fine I have other ways that you can also find your mid ticket and high ticket offer and we’ll be talking about that in another video so if I gave you giving you any value on affiliate markets that made the major to affiliate markets networks out there that kind of pull all the other networks together so you don’t have to go running around by yourself trying to find it then please give me a like and subscribe to my channel I’m giving you free daily content I want you to be in the know I want you to be successful okay because you can’t you can do it I believe in you all you have to do is take action and take action consistently consistently I said it right let’s take actually consistently and you will be able to make money and you will be able to be successful with this okay if you would like something just for being here a free gift just for you I have a checklist that runs down all of my videos and a basically checklist massive action taker form that you can use to help you basically stay organized and make sure that you take action on this journey that’s your line I mean why not okay you want to make sure that you’re successful I want to make sure you’re successful so I’m going to give you something free that you can have in your hands that will make you successful okay well at least help you if you take the action on it alright and finally if you want to know how I’m finding all this information or how I am learning this stuff that I’m learning and that you want to learn it and you want to learn it faster than what I’m telling you that’s awesome and my first link in the description box I tell you I give you information and my mentor gives you information on all of the different options or and how you can learn and earn money while you learn the affiliate marketing business and it’s called legendary marketer and it is a legendary program and I I strongly recommend it because it is great and I’ve learned so much and I’m so excited about this journey

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