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Oh this was a product okay this was a product I was promoting it’ll somebody else’s product and my first thing is I would like we would jam it this was a sales page not even a landing page nobody built a list I did not have a list so I would like I would get I would pay money you know sometimes I would free traffic guerilla marketing style just gema gema gema gema but here’s the reality okay everybody all of these other people we’re doing the same thing okay all of these other people were trying to promote similar product and a lot of these people here okay let me just represent it like this so a lot of these people got their traffic from this pond over here okay let’s just represent this this point look in back in those days there was a lot of solo ads it was a lot of posting on traffic exchanges and all that good stuff right and so I would go over here you know this was me and I would fish over here and I would try to get some of this traffic some of these visitors you know through my or through my link that I posted over here I would try to get him onto this site but so so were all these guys okay all of these guys were doing the same thing and so I was no different so I was fishing fishing in the same pond trying to talk to the same people here promoting the same thing and you know if this guy already saw this page from this guy and he started from me there is no like he’s like dude already seen it I don’t resonate with it there’s no difference so it’s like whoever gets lucky and so what I did is I created myself a different landing page okay I went over here and I said hey everybody instead of your attention going here hey look here and this was a unique landing page okay they talked about what these guy wanted what these guys wanted over here okay and so it was generic it did not talk about this product and I took him out and I took him into my list right and then I took him here to this product now with my lid this is where I first got introduced to a concept of building a list and I was like oh my goodness this is different and now I have like 30 people on my list that actually like subscribe to my landing page over here with my marketing efforts like this thing is working right so so a what it did for me was it got me confidence right it’s like dude you got like an audience like 30 people imagine putting 30 people in the room and you have to stand in front of 30 people and give you know and talk I mean you know if you’ve never done it before you might get a little bit nervous right so that gave me like this that gave me like this you know this this inner confidence like hey something is working here I’m still making zero not a single sale right but you couldn’t convince me I wasn’t already a millionaire because I got myself saturated my mind was saturated with success and I was constantly listening to success stories rags to riches and people that are making it any thought or any idea of it not working I just turned out deliberately like consciously I just turned out right and so I had these people here on my list and not what I would do is I would you know I would send them here but I would not focus on this right and I would you know I would call I would I would invite them to I would send them an email saying hey guys you know I’m doing this teleconference call on Friday dialing this number and I’m gonna tell you how I got because these guys wanted to to do what I was doing you know it was a little a little schema thing you know back in the day but I’m like hey I’m gonna teach you how I got 30 subscribers and I just taught them how I got 30 subscribers they did not know it was my first 30 ever all right we got on the conference call and I would talk like there’s 3,000 people there but I would really care about these guys really genuinely can’t fake it you know people smell phony a mile away you know and so I started to talk to these guys and then one of them is like hey do it I want it I want to do what you know I want to join that deal that you’re promoting I don’t recommend this model by the way anymore right I don’t recommend promoting the deal because you’re really limiting yourself and but that’s how I started and so so so I hired a long answer to your question but hopefully I want to put it in the context here for you guys as well as kind of weaving some value here as well from the you know for beginners but I hired a designer to create this landing page for me because I did not know how to design we did not have clickfunnels back then we did not have all these other tools that we now have you know so I paid this guy some money and then I hired a somebody to like to host it for me because I didn’t no idea how the hosted or anything so I had it somebody might have the site for me and then I had another guy I paid him a little bit of money to host it for me and the money I did not have I literally I was doing that on borrowed money I did not have it you know and then for the teleconferences I just used there is no extra cost there free signup get yourself a you know a number people call in and I did it by sheer push and grind right and then I made my first sale and I started to really really the secret there you guys was connecting with my list it’s building a list and connecting with my list through value in that process I learned some things right so now I have up you know now I have this thing called awareness that I started to cultivate I have a belief I’m charged up right so like I have this invisible power that people can feel forget it out lack of my results okay and so what I’m focusing on is I’m focusing on becoming more valuable to my market what’s my market it’s not this that’s not my market okay I just get attention here my market becomes these people these 30 people that got on my list these 20 people right the five subscribers you got that’s your market so you your job is to identify key areas right where can you be or become more valuable to your market the big mistake and a big thing that people make or big mistake people make in our space is they think all my market is out there is just you know it’s all these people out there that’s not your market dude your market is the two people that got on your list that’s your market so find out how you can best serve them and then you’ll be able to serve four people and then 40 people and then a hundred people and before you know it you’ll have one sale and that becomes your customer but you still cultivate this and so as I says I did that I went from zero to my first five thousand ten thousand thirty thousand and then I’m like alright this thing is working so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna start to expand things a little bit right so still promoting a failure deal I created and started to invest and create systems around what I was doing so I created a little replica you know a little replicated system to to do what I was doing to allow my members my customers okay people that what I was I wanted to do I wanted to you know give them an opportunity to do that better and more effectively again stemming from my experiences right what helped me again I have a perspective I have an experience now so never teach from Theory right you got to teach from experience and that’s how you get the best you know that’s how you you get the best do the best following and all that stuff and so then I started to think about systems okay how do i system i systematize what I’m doing and then you create you become more efficient so in the beginning I’ll tell you this when I would build this you know when people would opt into my list and again all of this stuff you guys I’m gonna I’m teaching you in the end a four percent success challenge for affiliate marketing and it’s not just like theory stuff like I’m telling you now I’m literally showing you okay let’s let’s build this out okay so whatever you’re promoting the product is doesn’t matter you know but you do but what matters is the industry what matters is your strategy because if I’m doing this back then I only had one product to promote it was not multiple streams of income it was just one thing you know right now what I’m teaching is multiple streams of income you gotta compound your efforts right you got a compound your return on the on the hours and the dollars that you invest and so with little bits like a you know you stand behind my shoulder and watch me do this stuff let’s set it up let’s connect this to this here’s how you do it here is the you know the recommended autoresponders what to look for all that good stuff let’s find a product here’s how you do it here’s how you get your first subscriber here’s what you tell them here’s how you connect with them here’s why you gotta say this and this and this here’s a psychology here is the concept and here’s why right so so as you’re doing that not only are you getting the result but you’re also understanding why you’re doing that so that you can become independent stand on your own two feet without depending ever on anybody does that make sense everybody okay okay so yeah now you just you know you built from there and you systematize the process and then you turn it into you know a little operation and you don’t want to work in your business you want to work on your business and that’s how you go so right now you guys I work I don’t I don’t touch technology I don’t do that you know we have a team and right now my focus is you know is vision right so my job is you know is I I ask myself every day how can we create more success stories how can we help people break through how you can’t fake it nowadays you can’t you got to be genuine and people can see it right so yeah all right questions other questions let’s go through them the question tell me what exercise besides listening to the strangest secret and all did you do to suppress your subconscious mind mind to become successful and have a burning desire David I listen to I listen a lot to the rags to riches I mean that was my that was my thing that got me you know pumping you know that that got me up my got me out of there how they you know pity party sometimes that we all have you know what I mean so I would listen to people that have over you know that overcame tremendous difficulties health-wise business financial and I’m like dude if that guy had it that bad and there would be they became so successful it instilled this sense of belief in myself this sense of expectation that if somebody else did it you know I can do it and that helped me a lot you know okay let’s see questions questions questions Vika Hall if I want to create my own product how do I do research for demand to know what product I create ok if you want to create your own product you but that’s a good question you asked so don’t create a product just because you want to create a product or a particular product you want to make sure that you find a demand how do you find a demand is you be part of the of the community so if you’re in the entrepreneurs community right you can serve 8 people you can just observe what’s going on what people are talking to or about right and and you find out what the need is so your product if your product will be best most successful is when it feels a certain void or delivers a certain outcome for people right so you solve challenges how do we win as entrepreneurs you will solve challenges the bigger the challenge we can solve the more money you get paid right if you’re small if you solve tiny little challenges you get paid tiny so find out what are the big challenges that you can solve and you can put your stake in the ground you can say you know what this is my territory I’ll tell you about me right so when I you know when I was as I was doing this entrepreneur stuff right I would my mentor said you make two things you gotta you gotta learn how to do non-negotiable traffic and converting traffic into sales that’s it when it comes to marketing this is your marketing umbrella get traffic learn how to convert that traffic nothing else really matters you can sell any product if you understand those two things so I became a traffic and conversions student deliberately I did not care about teaching that stuff I did it for myself right and so and as I was doing that see later on I’m like dude most people are struggling with traffic and conversion so my product the first product that I created was around that concept right but I was a part of the community long enough I was able to solve that for myself because yeah I listen to my mentor and then that turned into a product and an eventually a company and this is a big division that we have here in the 4% is traffic teaching people traffic generation at the point that nobody else really you know and that’s you know one of the products that we created another thing is again looking at the community here how we created the latest product here that we just launched out the 4% success challenge for affiliate marketing is the demand you know people don’t need more information people can Google information we’re not lacking information you can you can you can watch any video on YouTube in fact you don’t have to buy a single product for the rest of your life I don’t care what industry you’re in you don’t have to buy another product ever you don’t have to buy none of my products ever instead I’m saying you can just go to youtube and find any anything that you need on any topic for free alright now if that was the answer if information was the answer everybody would be would know what to do but that’s not the case so what do we really need we don’t need more information we have information overload what we need is we need direction right and that’s what that’s why you pay money why do you pay money for you know what we will come out with the products know the success challenge for affiliate marketing you will find you know I’ll record all these individual concepts and ideas did I teach this I talk about it but it’s piece over here piece over here piece over here piece I mean all those individual pieces you will find it’s just like baking a cake dude you can go and you know and you can buy a flower over here and a strawberry over here and you know some water eggs whatever else you need what individual components but what you’re really paying for is for somebody to tell you you look do it first thing you do this you pour this in here and then you you don’t you put this ingredient and then you stir it up and then you put it in the oven it’s like the is it’s the direction right and that’s what you really paying money for and so you know the best product that you can ever create is something that would solve the biggest challenge for most people okay okay let’s see here Vick you are awesome I have learned a lot from you in the time that I have been involved with 4% okay my question is where in the 4% back-office do we find a link for you to say sometimes doorway to enter the 4% platform thank you for your time okay Carl so the 4% is a platform 4% is like it’s a it’s a product centric hub it’s a hub for entrepreneurs and it’s gonna be crazy big it’s gonna be we’re gonna be in multiple industries we want to make sure that this is a central place that any entrepreneur any business owner can find to get inspired to collaborate with other people that are success minded going in the direction of success right to get the right trainings for what they need what they do to help them do that better okay and then get the right resources collaborations connections ideas and all that stuff eventually we’re gonna do you know events and local meetups and not it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a movement okay that’s the vision anyway so you know that’s what we’re working towards and it will never end it will never stop it will always evolve so you’re talking about so first of all how do you get involved with the 4% you don’t like you don’t you like this is not an opportunity right so what you guys can do is if you don’t have an account with 4% simply go to 4% com create yourself a free account you just registered you like I go into iTunes right like going to Amazon you just create yourself an account so when you create an account you become an Insider you will be able to log in to the members area and you will see what’s going on in the members area then here’s a question what do you want to do okay and so we’re right now perfecting a system to where it will be a guidance within the members area within the hub it’s like alright I want to learn or you know I want to build myself as an entrepreneur in affiliate marketing and then the system will tell you will point you in the right direction okay so if you are if you need a direction in how do you build a business promoting somebody else’s product as an independent affiliate then the four percent success challenge for affiliate marketing is your answer to your prayers is the only thing that you need to focus on forget anything else forget everything else focus on that one thing get yourself enrolled in a challenge and just do your daily your daily on tasks that’s it so you watch a video just whatever they whatever the assignment tells you that particular session every single day it’s bite sizes right and it walks you through a path don’t focus on anything else you don’t have to get you know diversify your attention you want to want to be focused right so and just just literally dedicate yourself follow the challenge as if your life depends on it that’s it really really simple so we’re taking a complex topic like how do I succeed in affiliate marketing simplified down to the ridiculous and we get it to the point to where literally people don’t have to look anywhere else like you will not be missing any other information as it relates to helping you succeed massively in the area that you’re looking to master so if it’s affiliate marketing everything that matters and necessary the challenge will tell you okay you need to open up you need to build a list so hey here are autoresponders create yourself an account if you don’t have it here’s a list of autoresponders will recommend create yourself an account boom do that okay it doesn’t ok so then so it takes you step by step right that is that so hopefully that answers your question if you have people get it wrong question questions when can anybody help me my google account is on paused and I don’t know why how can I take pause off it doesn’t stop me from okay tell me if you have issues with Google out contact probably contact Google I’m not sure you make good mock-ups and graphics I want to know please this is my man okay amen so if you want to have good mock-ups you go you can go to canva it’s a good site that I use i also use shutterstock okay calm and those are two sides that I used to make my graphics personally if I want to make them but if I really want to go fancy fancy fancy I have you know I go to a professional graphics designer and stuff like that so yep that’s that questions the first challenge is to earn 10,000 is it possible to earn 10,000 a month in 30 to 60 days it is possible Donna yes however you know you go at your own pace right so it’s a it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a guidance system but you go at your own pace so if it takes you three days to get yourself set up with an autoresponder again the challenge teaches you and tells you exactly everything without leaving any stone unturned what you need to do what you need to focus on gives you assignment per day so that you’re never overwhelmed you’re never confused you know and and then you take that task and you do that task so if it takes you a day boom you’re done with that number one if it takes you a couple days you just go at your own pace so we’re never rushing you we don’t actually put you know time restraints on it and so yeah but is it possible yes it is possible will it be easy probably not you know if you’re if you’re beginner just getting started it depends what product you’re promoting depends if you have yourself set up with multiple streams of income so you compound your results you know in sales for the amount of work that I’m doing now I want to get my return to be compounded right so if I can get one customer one sale but that one sale can breed multiple sales for me later on you know over the next week or so that’s obviously a smarter way to go so how do i how do I find fancy designer ok a Mon you can go to you can go to freelance what is that old desk comm you can go to I know not Oh desk but up work you can go to up work comm you can go to 99designs comm you can go to there was a guy on a Facebook rocky Vega he does a you know he did a few designs for me love his work great guy good to work with and also if you have an account with 4 percent we have a whole resources section that were that is currently being propagating with this update that we launched out yesterday and it will have like pretty much every resource that you can have think about as it relates to you know industry your topic whatever it is that you’re looking for it will be there with specific you know three size recommendations so you’ll be able to find it there is there a replay of last night’s meeting yes friend login to the members area and then go to the news and announcements and then there is a I just posted right before going live here I posted a replay there you can watch it okay if we send out people from list to our blog do we need separate a landing page and squeeze square page and separate activity in our list this way if not okay so Cameron if you have people on your list okay they’re already on your list and you want to send them out to your blog there is no need for them to resub scribe now what you can do because it already on your list like it’s not like you know it’s not like you want them to react in or anything so you what you do is you engineer effortless engagement right that’s that’s kind of the name of the gauge so so here’s what I would here’s what I can do depending on what you’re using for your autoresponder okay Amal starter responders nowadays what they allow you to do is if I have my list okay and I I email people okay I send out this email and I say hey everybody I just posted something on my blog okay I posted a video a value video and then it talks about whatever and then maybe you do a little call to action with a little link over here okay with a little little link okay that and then this link takes them out to a product that you’re promoting but what you’re doing is this can serve as a value add this can serve as a as an asset as a marketing asset because what you can do is you can make a post on your blog this is your hub that’s what east age and east age Academy teaches you and all that stuff really really important and again that’s what I teaching the challenge precise so what you do is you could you create you create you want to engineer high engagement with your list if you send people like this right so if you send people straight to the thing that you’re promoting you just hammer Hammer hammer your conversion rates are gonna be 2% or open rates would be 2% 1% people will hate you nobody’s gonna pay attention to you because these guys are getting hammered if they’re on your list they’re on everybody else’s list ok a lot of people’s list so the strategy here is this you know if your goal is to you know if your goal is to make 20k all right who do you need to become you need to become a person worthy of the 20k that you desire how do you do that ok money follows your personal growth and the value that you deliver to your marketplace what’s your marketplace here in this example list so how do I become valuable how do I deliver value because this will follow my value right again that’s what you could ask what you need to learn that’s what you need to immerse yourself get focused and become more valuable ok now so my strategy here is in my autoresponder hopefully you guys don’t mind that that I take you know that I answer these questions in a long format because I can just give you an answer but you would you and most people won’t get it I’m trying to weave in some content ok are we back ok we’re back everybody ha we fix it man ha ha ha well hello YouTube kicked us out we got right back on man and we kept the same stream ok so we’re good ok great nice nice nice I did not think that that same stream would be continuous ha that’s nice okay so so check it out ok so what I’m doing is I’m cultivating my list by delivering value and stay and I want to stand head and shoulders you know about my competition because if this guy’s on my list he might be on 50 other marketers list and 49 of them will be hammering the product I forget about the product what’s the product it’s a means to an end I don’t care about the product good yeah what you want is you want what the product can get you that’s what this guy wants so me being smart dude I am the 4% err ok like you will be ok you want to make sure that you make a connection between this guy your prospect and the result that he is looking for that your product happened to deliver it’s just a means to an end and so what I do in this video here in the content piece is I don’t even care about the product in fact you can say dude don’t even worry about the product tell them that upfront what you really talk about is you talk about this and that’s where you make a strong bond with him because this guy is like hey everybody’s telling me about this this dude right here from this you know email that I’m getting he’s talking to me about this and that’s what I really really really want so if you can deliver to him good content not long content strategies appetizers right like like ideas and that’s that’s my philosophy you guys is this if whatever product you’re promoting and this is your product you need to be the product of the product why because you will never you will never be able to make this connection right here if you have no idea what you’re promoting if you’re promoting for the opportunity to make money just to make money you would be like everybody else making no money yeah so that’s where my that’s what you gotta adapt that philosophies dude don’t promote stuff that you don’t know and you don’t believe in truly in your heart of hearts money is a secondary just a scorecard you want to build yourself solid and the only way you do that is go deep right don’t just focus on surface level stuff go to core and that’s that’s where you convert that’s where your your open rates will go from like 2% like most people to 30 40 50 60 % okay cuz your people are looking for your next email because they’re looking for the next piece of value yeah so so what I do is I don’t you know if I send him this email again this is the we’re getting to the answer to your question right now to the thing that I was gonna talk to you about so if this guy’s already on my list and I send him to my blog I don’t need I don’t want him to and you know to to opt-in again here because he is already on my list however what I may do is I might create because not everybody if I send an email let’s say if I send 10,000 emails okay if I if I have a you know a list of 10,000 people here on my list and I email 10,000 people not every body will will click on my link not everybody will get my email right not everybody will see this so what I can do in my autoresponder is a little bit technical side of things right now is I can create what’s called dynamic behavioral response in mechanism so it’s like if then so Infusionsoft has it I think Aweber has that most I think get response has it now Meeropol all the major players you know convert a movie I mean and we talked about this in a challenge and I helped you set it up in it you know show you how to do it so this way you will know okay I had 300 people clicked and saw this email right and then I had 250 actually clicked on the video okay so then I can be smart in my marketing because I don’t want to you know I don’t want to send a follow-up email to these same people talking about the same thing if they already saw that right so you kind of segmenting them out and so I can do that in my autoresponder so then you know I know that let’s say if these were my stead well there is 900 or 9,000 you know 700 people that never never got here so I can email them later maybe in two days three days or a week I can Romana Thais the same content right the same value piece but i but i exclude these guys that took action so you know I’m pushing more people into that list and so you be and you’re just optimizing your process and the whole thing can be optimized so that you don’t even touch it you can literally program it in a way with your autoresponders and and that’s how you do it okay so that’s the answer to your question okay everybody so look we’ve been here for an hour let’s see if I have any other any one more good question here that I can answer and then we’re gonna give it a wraps is this has it’s been helpful you guys did you get a nugget or two is are these q1 I do you guys want to do more of these Q&A sessions or or do you prefer like a standalone topic right again we can we can do both but if you guys like the Q&A stuff we can do it from time to time we can do a an open platform where you can just ask me questions okay looking we’d like to watching this and YouTube wherever and you really need like if you truly like sick and tired like if you’re not if you’re done with messing around like if you’re done with settling for average being mediocre you’re like dude I’m done you know I had enough and I’m done buying product after product trying to figure this thing out if you just need a path for percent challenge for affiliate marketing is the answer to your prayer is the thing that you have been looking for is the thing that will change your life okay right now it’s $49 a month it’s a buck 60 a day okay my wife likes to go to kefir and drink lattes I think she pays three dollars and I don’t know 380 or something like that for a little small cup of latte you know that’s way less sounds like half than that right so it’s let it’s affordable for everybody we deliberately make the made it affordable because we’re looking for success stories and if you see yourself as somebody that you know is ready for the challenge is it’s not a walk in the park you know it’s a challenge right that’s why you know most people most people won’t even be brave enough to take the challenge they’ll be like dude I just teach me how to make money but the answer like if you’re if you’re praying for a miracle and the miracle shows up in your life and you don’t have awareness enough to realize that and recognize that the miracle or the answer that you have been praying for and you just continue to pray all right most people don’t even have the the awareness do to recognize when the answer comes to them but if you’re somebody who is like dude this is for me I feel it you know I’m gonna dedicate myself I wanna I’m gonna become a success story go ahead and roll yourself in the 4% success challenge for affiliate marketing it will change your life it will change you as an entrepreneur it will put you on a path to massive massive success you’ll help you build a real solid unshakable business multiple streams of income everything that I preach everything that I do is there okay everybody appreciate be great regardless of what you decide to do I wish you the all the best and tremendous tremendous success

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