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Free Traffic Generation Method | Blog Commenting

Alright guys so today I would like to create a quick video relation to a free traffic generating method which I I know that a lot of movies will find useful in order to generate leads okay now this is this method is a blog commenting apologies for this this method is blog commenting okay so the idea is to go out and find blogs which are related to the blog to the content which you just created okay and what you want to do is you want to leave your link there in order to have a link back to your website okay so let’s start this method just to get an idea of how it works okay so what you do is you head over to Google okay and what you do is you search for Google Blog search okay okay okay so sorry it’s taking a little long since we’re recording so head over to Google Blog search now my website okay the one I want to link back to is regards to my top to your business because this is the program i promote okay so what I would do is I would head over to the Google Blog search and I would look for blog alright so let’s get right top to your business and a list of relevant blogs is going to come up here okay and what you’re going to do is you’re going to start looking at them one at a time all right and you would head over to the blog ok so I’m going to open up the first one all right what I need you to do is I need you to reach to the blog okay and make sure that it’s relevant to your site okay now if it is ok now i happen to read this blog post ready all right and i already prepared a comment what do you do is you head down to the very bottom ok in fact I left it there and if there for moderation you get over to the bottom and you leave a comment right at the bottom ok so you’d enter your details we enter the code here ok just going about your human so I’m for that guys these are my reporting something and you leave a comment here now as soon as you leave the comment what you do is you make sure that at the very bottom of the comment to leave your email address and you leave this link you would leave this place ok and the button of the comment box like I did here right that way when people are reading through this blog ok and what they do is they find your comment relevant the lace your name what they would do is they would click on your link now a word of advice make sure that your comment is relevant to the post or as it’s not going to make people want to click on your link secondly don’t be spammy leave a value comment so even if it’s just a tanky to the author or it’s a positive comment you want to be a positive marketer and that market or value so and that’s my word of advice to you ok I suggest you do five to ten of these a day and i would say you’ll be creating a lot of heavy traffic to your website in no time

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