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4 Tips on How to Make Money Online 2019 with Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing

Okay what’s up guys has Ben Arkell with and coming with you again with another video want to talk about how to build a six-figure business online okay we all want to make money online and there are certain principles you guys have to follow so let’s start with number one okay and number one is start okay and I’m gonna add a little caveat don’t stop okay so there’s tons of people who want to make money online they want to have results but they’re not willing to pay the one price and the price is this the price is consistency okay so whichever way you’re going to publish through YouTube through a blog through podcast if you’re gonna use Pinterest if you whatever you gonna do you need to be consistent with your material okay right here you can see this is a youtube silver play button and my daughter one she’s really good pianos pianist her channel is called the piano gal the reason she achieved a hundred thousand subscribers consistency okay she kept doing it you know that doesn’t mean she would be consistent with the video you know every day or every week but she never stopped there were some gaps when life happened and things happen but consistency so guys if you’re gonna try to start make to make money online you gotta be in it for the long haul I’m her ask a mentor once I said hey you know is this is there still opportunity and he said it just depends on how long you’re in for it if you’re in for the long haul there’s plenty of opportunity okay so number two I’m going to write this down so systems you need to set systems in place especially for passive income if you want to develop passive income lot online you have to develop systems you have to have systems as far as how you create content whether you’re batching your content or specific templates you use you have to have an email autoresponder okay you have to use chat BOTS you have to have a lead generating tool all right let me tell you why so just the other day yesterday actually when people come to my website there is an opportunity for them to enter their email and receive a free list of some of the highest-paying affiliate offers so someone entered their email got that email from Mia but then they responded back to being they said hey look Ben I’m really interested in a product that you’re pushing called the core can you tell me a little bit more about it I’m just trying to figure out if it’s a good fit for me is there any more information to give me okay now let me tell you what did i do yesterday to get that person to reach out to me nothing okay but what I had done is a month ago I’d published that article and now he’s just reaching out to me so that’s the wonderful thing about creating systems is that it works in the background for you so you have to set up these systems to bring your content to people and also to give them an opportunity to reach out to you okay now that’s the third thing I want to mention as you create this content and your selling products or your referring people to other products and you have these systems these follow up systems what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna start to generate revenue okay and you’re gonna have profits so what you need to do with those profits is you need to reinvest them in the business okay now one thing that you can do a way to reinvest is building or excuse me spending money on better programs and better systems that help you to run your business smoother so one thing I’ve done there’s a little tool called Ricker post where we cur post does is it actually will help me republish my blogs and some of my posts on social media and it cost like 25 bucks a month but I load everything up and then it just reposts it every on a set schedule enough for me I could have done all by hand right but it was time and so for me to use my profits to reinvest in some software that helps me get at my job better done done quicker and easier this is worth it for me so you need to do something similar you need to invest in tools that will help your business run smoother but also you need to invest in stuff that will help you personally to be a better person and to improve your skills whether it’s like through a mentorship I join my mentor lab okay it’s coaching from four very successful online marketers and it’s helped me to increase my information my knowledge my skills which is gonna then in turn just help my business – that’s an arrow up just continue to keep growing there’s also a ways to scale up your business using I mean if you’re running ads and you want to take some of the profits to run more ads that’s another way to do it just to build momentum and reinvest because essentially you’re not going to increase your revenue you’re not going to reach your goals unless you’re reinvesting back in your business and that’s probably one of the biggest things that people fail at is they see money and they want to spend money but if you can take the money that you have and use it to create more money that’s the better route to go okay the last thing I want to talk about real quick is so this is something that’s not talked about a lot but I just want to put a plug in this for this I think part of achieving success online and in any thing you’re trying to do in life is build people up okay we’re I think our society we’re so self-centered we want we feel like we need to make all the money if we’re making money someone else Canada or if someone’s uh someone else’s money that we can’t that’s not true I feel like if you’re willing to give of yourself and to build other people up then karma or nature or whatever is just going to kind of come back to you tenfold I have a buddy of mine he’s a really successful blogger his name is Chris if you go to the website incredible tons of incredible material and one of the software is that he is an affiliate for his click funnels and for anybody who becomes a click funnels member through his link he gives us huge lists of bonuses like incredible so I had already signed up for quick funnel so I couldn’t get those bonuses but I was willing to give him a testimonial for something else I was just like hey hey Chris I saw this thing you do and I really am impressed with the way that you helped you blow I want to do a testimonial for you and I just wanted to help him out right and he’s like you know what that was really nice of you here is my whole bonus package I’ll let you have it for free and I didn’t have to do that testimonial all right and I wasn’t expecting anything in return and I don’t think Chris thought I was expecting anything but he because I was willing to give him myself he was willing to give up himself and I think what we all often today want to do is we want to create value for people we want to help people and as we’re willing to do that we will grow and we will have more success as other people are having success as well so I’m gonna hide that when I build people up see what you can do to lift up other people and I guarantee you that will have a huge impact on the success of your online business and it’s not something that I feel like he’s talked about a whole lot so guys again these are some tips to help grow your online business help grow your passive income to hopefully get you to six figures and seven and eight and nine okay again Ben Arkell as the website you click click the link below there’s actually a link for an affiliate camp we can learn more about affiliate marketing reach out to me with any questions and we will catch you on the next video thanks guys

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