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– Hi, hey everybody! This is Leah Rae from excited to come to you today. So they’re doing another mom-preneur moment sort of theme here and talking specifically to fellow mommies because I think there’s a lot of people, a lot of ladies out there who are looking to make money online from home, but you still have kids in tow, not like older kids that can manage themselves but you’re juggling like diapers and feeding schedules and all that kinda crazy stuff for toddlers, young school-aged babies, wherever you are. So, I wanted to make this video specifically for you because I really feel there’s not enough internet marketers that are talking about this that are women with very young kids that are helping people learn how to do internet marketing, learn how to make money online. So, hey Sinister, welcome. Well I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about but uh, have a great day (laughs)! No, welcome, I don’t know what you’re looking for.

We haven’t talked about any websites or anything yet. So I don’t know what country you’re in or what you’re going for but, I wanna talk about active income. So, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, if you’re someone who’s looking to make money online in an active income sense, so like, you do the work one time and then, you can continue to get paid or you just do the work one time, you get paid for it one time, kind of a one:one ratio, that’s called active income. And why would, there’s things as passive income where you do the work one time and you can continue to get paid for it over and over again and that’s really what I prefer. However, there are times, there’s a time and a place for active income.

If you want to just make money right away, if you just need something consistent coming in sooner than later, then active income is a great way to do that. But I would encourage you to actually look into more passive stuff to build in the long term. We’ve got a link, top link in the description. You can get access to some training that’s gonna teach ya how to do that but, when it comes to active income, so like job situations, online jobs, what are the very best online jobs for moms, for mommies? What makes sense? Well truly guys, I believe that doing freelance work from sites like Upwork and Fiverr are your go-to. Go to because there’s no schedule. I know there’s a lot of jobs that’ll pay you. Oops, something’s going on with my camera. There’s a lot of jobs that will pay you for ya know, putting in your time, like you’ve gotta be there certain hours and you’re gonna do customer service for them and all this sort of stuff.

Yeah, those can be great jobs for some people, but for moms, you don’t want a set schedule. I have to say, you wanna be able to get work done when you have time, whether that’s nap time, after the kids go to bed, maybe they’re watching a movie, like on your schedule, OK? You want to be able to put in the work. So freelance stuff, like Upworks and Fiverr, perfect situation because you can take a gig to maybe you are bilingual and you could transcribe something from English to Spanish or vice versa. Maybe you’re gonna do graphic design work on Canva and you’re going to do thumbnails for people. Maybe you’re going to just type out transcripts of things. Maybe you’re gonna do some virtual assistance work, helping people manage their business or social media, whatever online.

You can do that stuff on your time so that after the kids go to bed, when it’s naptime, when it’s quiet time in the house, you can just get your work done and you don’t have to be on someone else’s schedule. So, freelance work is an awesome place to get started when it comes to active income for moms because we all know having to live by someone else’s schedule is not gonna be easy because you got a kid screaming at ya over here, you got someone asking for a snack, you got a diaper to change, potty training, whatever and if you try to do a more traditional role where you have a set schedule, it’s not gonna be good.

You’re not gonna be able to get the work done. You’re not gonna be able to give good work to the employer, right, and it’s just not gonna work out. So, I really highly encourage you to figure out, go to Fiverr, go to Upwork. I’ve got some videos. When this is done, I’ll add some cards to it this way, I think, the upper right corner of your screen, wherever you see that. I’ll put a card in there about Fiverr and starting to do some gigs on there because I think it’s a great thing for you guys to get started on for the mommies looking for active income. Now, personally, yes, active income can pay the bills which is good, but I really, really, really wanna encourage you to work on passive income.

Passive income where you can do the work one time and you get paid ongoing and I love this because well, I’m a busy mom, right? I wanna continue to reap the benefits of any work, any time that I’m putting in long term not just right away, right? I don’t wanna just be fed fish, I wanna learn how to fish. That sort of thing, right? I want the money coming in ongoing, so doing, learning how to do internet marketing, learning how to create online assets that pay you long-term, ya know, you can do something today that pays you for the next three years, that to me, that’s like real money.

That’s time freedom money and here on this channel, we are all about time freedom, not just about making money online because anybody can teach you that. What I care about is helping you create time freedom because as a mom of two young kids, that’s the most precious thing that we have in the world is our time and we may be able to protect that and then you protect your family time. That’s super, super important. So, I love passive income because it creates time freedom that yes, it’s still gonna take work. Yes, you still have to do work.

That’s OK, expect that. But you’re setting up yourself in the long term for time freedom where ya know, you’re going to vacation, you’re going to the beach, you’re doing things and you’re still making money. So, with that, if you need, if you’re ready to learn about passive income and how to set that up, how to really create ya know, go to zero to six figures and above, how to set that up as a busy and crazy mom, click the link, top of the description in this video and we’re gonna walk you through exactly how to do that because it is very, very doable.

Todd and I have done it. We are both stay-at-home parents and ya know, we just bought a new house, moved across the country. We’re on the water. But I was actually gonna go pool-side for you guys today ’cause I think that’s kinda fun and casual way to do it on Saturday mornings but, it’s like crazy hot. We’re in Southwest Florida, like it’s probably already, I don’t know, it’s in the 90’s and it’s humid. I was like, I’m gonna be to glistening to be able to be on video because it’s just so hot out there right now. So we’re back in the studio doing it. But I encourage you, set yourself up for some time freedom. You only have young kids once. They grow up way, way, way too fast. So, create that time freedom. Be home with your kids and live life on your terms. Create not just a business with an income stream that you want. Create the lifestyle that you want and I think people forget that. They get ideas on how to make money and then they, they’re suddenly living their life for that versus forming their business or the income around how they wanna live their lives.

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