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E-Commerce Tutorial for Beginners

So you have an e-commerce store and you want to make sure that you’ve got everything in place so that you get the most sale. Last week I gave you a big list of all the things you want to consider having into your store. And this week I’m going to break down videos for you and why you should have videos. So first of all let’s talk about the benefit of video on your become restore. Obvious product videos we all kind of know why product videos work because we all like to look at things and see how they might feel in her hands and so anytime anything is demonstrated in that way it really helps us to make a purchase. But in addition to that why would you want other videos. Speaker 2: Well the top reason really is that you want to build relationship with the people that visit your store.

So there’s a couple of videos that are the most important that you possibly would want on your store. And we’re going to go into those and I’m going to tell you what you need to include in them so that you can take action this week and begin to bring your e-commerce store to the next level. The other thing that I want to mention is that the wonderful thing about video is that you can transcribe it can turn into a blog post.

You can create take quotes out of it and create graphics. There’s so many different ways that you can repurpose video. So let’s also talk about some of the videos you might consider creating. In addition to the top three I’m going to be covering today. So you might consider behind the scenes industry specific tips and tricks. Something about that your community is talking about maybe questions that they have interviews with gas. Maybe you do a Q and A. Educational videos current event types of videos. You can also do interviews. Q and A maybe your community asks certain questions and you can create those curated content and then you can also just anything that’s going to be solving some problems. So those are some of the additional ones you might want to create and you could put those on social media. Talk to you at the end of this video about how you can use some of that content to get more sales. All right. So the top three videos that you want to create and put on your To Do list to even do this this week are number one.

Why buy from us. So I have a list here of what you want to put into the why buy from us. So number one of course why should they buy from you. Right. That’s the obvious one. What makes you different your USP. So do you provide fast customer service. Do you offer something that nobody else offers. Do you go the extra mile. What is it that you provide your customer with that your competitors don’t or just that makes you unique. Right. Because a lot of times people will go to your store and they’re going to go someplace else so why should they buy from you. And then this second video you want to create is really an introduction or a hello from us.

And the things you want including this video are you want to introduce yourself to people you want to tell you story you want to explain why you created this brand you want to create intimacy and you want to talk about your promises and your guarantees and thank you for visiting the store. So those are the top two. And then there’s one last one that you really want to consider and then I’m going to talk to you about how you can use some of the previous videos that I mentioned to really get more sales in your store. The last one I want to talk about is your thank you video. Now if you use Shopify which I hope you do because it’s the best out there you can actually insert a video after somebody purchases.

So you want to thank them for the purchase. You want to ask them to follow you on Facebook. You want to tell them what they can expect from you what the next steps are. Maybe you have an email list where hopefully you are sending people emails every week and you could tell them what to expect from that perspective. You might just mention when the product will shift and just thank them again for the purchase that you appreciate them. So those are the top three that you want to consider. Now I did mention in a previous video that you can also do more videos and all the informational pages on your Web site. So if you missed a video link that went down below. But what do you do with some of these extra informational type videos. Well here is a strategy to get more traffic to your store and began to retarget some of these people that are visiting from pages.

So the first step is to set up your Facebook pixel. And if you don’t know how to do this. Facebook has some really good instructions on that and you basically use some code that you go in and you copy and paste it into it the header of your Web site and then what happens is that Facebook literally collects all the information from your Web site who’s visiting your Web site. And when you do an ad when let’s say you’ve created a video about a particular product or an informational or an interview or something you put that on your Facebook and you pay to promote it but you make sure that you pixel it was low dropdown box you click that and then you go into business Facebook and you create a custom audience and that custom audience you just make sure that it is everyone that watched that video and maybe you have videos that are around a very specific topic and you can you know create an audience off of those people and then you can retarget them with that product.

So if they’ve watched the video you know they’re already interested and then you can remind them that they could get their hands on this product. So that is a really good way to increase sales and to follow up with people for about a week after they visit your Web site. Now you can track them for 180 days and in some cases on your Web site for a full year you can track them and retarget them.

So there’s always an opportunity there to retarget if you’ve missed that opportunity in the past. So hopefully guys this video is helpful for you and that it will allow you to take your store to the next level and always remember that I do one on one coaching. If you’re ever interested and need of help. Thank you guys for subscribing to my YouTube channel and we’ll see you next week. .

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