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Free Traffic VS Paid Traffic, Pilih Mana?

Many online businesses are confused they have to which marketing channel to focus on which one is better I have to spend my time learn Facebook or Instagram channels Google Ads or Facebook Ads Which is cheaper Hello guys with me Aaron Blenda here and welcome back to my channel Remember to subscribe first on my channel so you can get content like this from me more in the future Before we discuss further about marketing channel You must know in advance about called Traffic What is Traffic? Well, Traffic itself is visitors or potential customers that you bring to your Landing Page I’ll just analogy with the restaurant if you want more customers who came to your restaurant what can you do about it? Well, there are two marketing methods that you can use First, the free method and the second is the paid method Well, for example you are free ask employees to stand outside the store while distributing brochures and holding the promotion board for example or you are promoting a business Your restaurant on your Facebook page it’s free You invite your customers to leave a review on food applications like, TripAdvisor is free well that works too Then, what about paid examples? You ad on tv You show up your restaurant on a billboard You invite bloggers, invite vloggers to review your restaurant and pay for them or you might ad using Google Ads or Facebook Ads Okay, until here understand? where does the difference look? Well, that’s certain is a free method that needs more effort compared to the paid method more time consuming You really don’t need to pay anything with free methods it’s just that you have to do something repeatedly The paid method does not require you carry out repetitive activities However, you have to spend your money to advertise Well, if you sell online then your main task is to bring in potential buyers as much as possible to your Landing Page In case, if you don’t know what a Landing Page is Landing Page is basically the page opened by the user after they click something There are so many free methods but I will only discuss a few the most popular and most often used by people The first is content marketing You bring visitors with create good and useful content whether it’s on Facebook or it’s on Youtube Instagram, blogs and more You become an expert, you become an expert in your niche Then, build your Followers Base and you sell there Those who are experts in the relationship world, for example they built a large Fanbase, sharing content free about the relationship itself How about the monotize, how about finding the money? a lot of ya you can sell couple shirts, couple hats, custom case they can also sell workshops Then, the second free method which is also very popular is SEO SEO itself is a search result on search engines or search engines like Google and Bing Well, SEO itself is short for Search Engine Optimization other words it is search engine optimization there are many people who use various methods yes to improve the ranking of their website Starting from SEO On Page like Internal Linking, Keyword Density, Site Performance Meta Tags, Title Tags, and many more Off page can also be for example, Social Bookmarking, Blog Commenting, Directory Submission well that’s part of Off Page SEO optimization You can’t pay Google for suddenly appearing rated first search page It’s different if you advertise, yes SEO itself is very interesting online business owner because, it’s FREE There is nothing more attractive to a website when the website keywords can be displayed on the first page of Google You can imagine how many visitors who will visit his website every day Especially if the volume of these keywords is large Well, Google itself has a very complex algorithm to determine which websites and keywords are what rank should it be, yes If you want to play on SEO, then understand that SEO takes time need power and in the end definitely need cost too You can need months for years to reach the keyword ranking target that you seek In addition, Google also frequently updates its algorithm so that it can be too late all night all your efforts have been in vain because of the algorithm update earlier Well, if you’ve ever heard the term penguin or panda algorithm then you will know that you are can’t just rely on SEO as the only one Traffic source for your business But if you can already master SEO itself, your business will definitely skyrocket Well, Paid Traffic itself also has a lot of problems, yes There are 3 methods of Paid Traffic, based on how to pay which in general we are familiar with the term CPC or Cost Per Click then, there is such a thing CPM (Cost Per Mille) and Flat Rate Well, Cost-Per-Click is the cost that you must pay when your ad is clicked For example, CPC (Cost Per-Click) 1000 silver then per-click it means You have to pay 1000 silver Well, Cost Per-Mille itself is costs that you have to pay when your ads see people for example, your CPM (Cost Per-Mille) 2000 then when your ad shows 10,000 times You pay 20,000, okay Well, paid advertising is actually not as horror as people imagine You can hold full control really Daily budget settings, for example or setting nominal auctions or even stopping advertisements whenever you want, you can set it yourself Well, why I personally prefer Paid Traffic because, the results are instant, though I’m not dependent just one Traffic but, in Paid Traffic get the money faster But, the most important is what you are have the mentality needed to pay to play and play to win Some take away from me First, Traffic is how you bring visitors to your page Then, the two types of Traffic are Free traffic and paid traffic There is no free traffic source even content marketing you need to sacrifice your time I would rather suggest you focus on Paid Traffic because Paid Traffic itself is very easy to get Scale Okay that’s all for this video from me hopefully useful, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and share if it is useful for others See you in the next episode

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